Play TV Showrunner Madness (The Final Round)

Are you ready to rumble? Because following an astounding 100,000 plus votes,’s inaugural TV Showrunner Madness Competition has come down to this: The final round. COMMUNITY’s Dan “Will do anything for a laugh” Harmon versus BONES’ Hart “Will-they-or-won’t-they” Hanson.

But which of these talented scribes — who coincidentally enough are no stranger to competition having started off the 2010/11 TV season with their respective shows facing off against one another in the Thursday at 8PM timeslot — will be crowned your favourite and walk away with the completely fictional prize that is an unlimited budget and creative control free of any-and-all network interference to develop their showrunner opus? That is entirely up to you.

Fans, friends, agents, family, crew members have until precisely 6PM (EST) on Tuesday April 5th to vote (after the jump).

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  • shanna bowie

    Unfortunately, I have no dog in this race. My faves were knocked out.

  • Joss Whedon knocked out?!

  • Kelly

    Still SO very bitter about Joss Whedon being knocked out…although it did make my vote a VERY easy one. 🙂

  • Dan! Love Community. My favorite show on television by a country mile!

  • BonesLuv


  • E-bay

    I think Hart deserves it the most. He really pulled off writing an unique drama, with humor, chemistry and suspence. I love Bones and I think HH is the best showrunner.

  • Community to the extreme.

  • Tim

    Easy choice. Hanson didn’t create a show, he adapted one.

    Harmon, FTW.

  • *sigh* Suuuuch a tough vote. But I had to go with Hart. Good thing it wasn’t Hart/Joss. Never woulda been able to make my mind up there!

  • Love Community! Voting mad crazy.

  • BTW I like the picture selection lol. Dan looks like his nose in the air like some kind of comedy elitist. Whereas the other guy looks like hes posing for his drivers license.

    Dan should win just for his beard alone.

    Is Bones any good? Loved David from Angel/Buffy and I love the leading lady’s sister. Is it just a romance? Is it formulaic like House? Are there any surprises or unexpected things that occur per episode? Or do you not even need to be paying attention to know whats happening?

  • Kara

    You don’t need to pay attention to find out what’s happening, but it does help, a lot. Especially with character developments recently. There’s romance, comedy, a very good storyline, and not every episode has a ‘surprise’, but there are always good and unique moments in every single episode.

  • Bridget

    I thought the polls were supposed to be open until 6 p.m. on Tuesday? It’s only 9 a.m in the morning and they’re already closed???!!? What the heck?

  • Sorry about that, a bit of a technical hiccup. Poll has been re-activated and will be open until 6PM (EST) today.

  • Hart Hanson and Bones ALL THE WAY! <3

  • Bridget

    Thank you!

  • Shawnee Elliott

    Bones FTW!! Support the best show 🙂

  • herrik

    Harmon is streets ahead… come on!!