Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons to Give ALL MY CHILDREN a Try

It’s no secret that times are tough for the six remaining daytime dramas, but last week’s cancellation rumor (which turned out to be a false alarm… at least for now) left fans of ABC’s ALL MY CHILDREN worried about the future of their favorite soap. With that in mind, we checked in on Pine Valley and found that the sudser’s town has a whole lotta life left in it! So why should fans — new or lapsed — tune in?
Scott and Madison.
No amount of money can buy the kind of chemistry that portrayers Daniel Cosgrove and Stephanie Gatschet bring to the screen. Here’s hoping annoying hunk Ryan — whose baby Madison’s carrying — doesn’t try and bulldoze his way into his babymama’s life!
The Brothers Martin
Thanks to the comedic abilities of portrayers Michael E. Knight and Ricky Paull Goldin, Tad and Jake’s relationship is a laugh-filled riot. Of course, that could all change now that Tad’s entered a marriage-of-convenience with Jake’s ex-wife!

David Hayward
Every good soap needs a villain, and they don’t come much more hiss-worthy than this guy. After he dropped dead at a party, most people in town wanted to celebrate. Turned out that whole dead thing was a misunderstanding — oops! — and that he’d faked his own demise in order to frame a romantic rival.
Angie & Jesse
True soap fans practically swoon at the mention of this supercouple, whose epic romance began unfolding way back in 1982. Sure, things cooled off after he was mistakenly declared dead in 1988 (turns out, that happens a lot more often than one might expect!) but the pair are back and hotter than ever as they head into a major new story.
Susan Lucci’s alter ego
Hello, we’re talking Erica Kane here, people. Even folks who have never seen a soap before in their life know the daytime diva whose current dilemma involves being engaged to handsome Jack and having not-so-secret feelings for sexy Caleb (played by Flashdance star Michael Nouri). We should all have her problems!

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