Hart Hanson Reacts to Winning TV Showrunner Madness 2011 (feat. BONES Finale Scoop!)

After thousands upon thousands of votes, theTVaddict.com’s inaugural TV Showrunner Madness Competition has come to a close with BONES’ Hart Hanson narrowly beating COMMUNITY’s Dan Harmon in the final round. Serious thanks to our always passionate and vocal readers as well as the equally enthused Showrunners for being good sports. Particularly our winner Hart Hanson, who was kind enough to email us a “Thank-you” to share with fans (complete with BONES finale tease) that you can check out after the jump.

Dear Daniel,

I won? I’m pretty sure I have to thank the BONES fans, English people, Canadians, and my Younger Son’s fraternity. I was so busy today I didn’t even know until I got your direct message.

I must also congratulate my nemesis, Dan Harmon from COMMUNITY.  And since we agreed that whoever WON this deal would buy the other one a fine meal, well, I have to say I may have won the symbolic Showrunner Madness but won the tangible award.  So, I’ve been totally hoodwinked and manipulated. Bastard. Rat bastard.

Perhaps you could pass on to the BONES fans that I was actually writing the last scene of the current season… and about all I’m willing to say about it is that not everyone will find it sad.

I’m truly honored by the strangest semi-competitive weirdo run-off of my life.  It’s the greatest honour since I won a “Did Not Cry” ribbon for, yes, not crying when I didn’t win a ribbon during my kindergarten Field Day at Kerrisdale Elementary in Vancouver.

I suppose I have to get Dan one of THOSE now too.

Thanks … Hart,
April 5, 2011

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  • I love tv.

  • Charles Carmichael

    me too my friend!

  • Haha this is awesome.

  • Ace

    Ha. How awesome of him to take the time to shoot you a message. 🙂