Today’s TV Addict Top 5: “Very Special Episodes” Every Show Does Eventually


Faux Documentary Episode
We’re not talking about how folks on THE OFFICE or MODERN FAMILY are being tracked by a camera crew for some not-entirely-clear reason. Instead, we’re talking about episodes like the one GREY’S ANATOMY aired earlier this season in which a single episode is filmed documentary style.

My Big, Gay Wedding Episode
When it comes to same-sex couples tying the knot, ABC has practically cornered the market. There was Scotty and Kevin’s marriage on BROTHERS & SISTERS, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE married Kyle and Oliver before sending them to permanently reside on the backburner in favor of, as a network rep said, “stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience.” Coming in just under the gun? GREY’S ANATOMY, where Arizona and Callie are planning their own nuptials!

The Hostage/Shooting Episode
ONE TREE HILL shot up a school. Dr. Gregory HOUSE and company were held hostage by a patient. And of course, GREY’S ANATOMY makes the list again (huh… anyone else starting to sense a pattern?) for last season’s heart-stopping episode in which a gunman stalked the facility’s surgeons.
The It’s A Wonderful Life Episode
A character hovers between life or death and either A) is shown how their passing would impact those they leave behind or B) encounters a cavalcade of ghosts (played by Very Special Guest Stars who, usually, were once cast members) who convince them to keep on living. THAT 70’S SHOW actually did an entire episode in which Eric was shown how life would be different if… he and Donna hadn’t kissed. As for GREY’s? Hello, Meredith’s near-death in the episode “Some Kind Of Miracle.”

A Musical Episode
Sorry, GREY’S ANATOMY. In our book? The one to beat will always be BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s epic outing, “Once More With Feeling.”

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  • Ace

    I know people are tired of the phrase “jumped the shark” so why don’t we coin “pulling a Grey’s”. Which would mean doing something completely ridiculous right when the show is getting really good. For instance, let’s say the main couple on your show (Mer and Der) has just gotten back together and are happy and then one of the couple is pretty much dead for three episodes. Or yet another couple that people have been routing for get together (yay Izzie and Alex) and then one gets a brain tumor and starts having sex with a ghost. Or said show finally gets back on track from said ghost sex and decides to do a musical episode that makes NO sense. Btw, House has pretty much committed these exact same TV sins.

  • Is this article a dig at Grey’s Anatomy?