Ask the Addict: Spoilers for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BONES, NIKITA, HOUSE & More!

Any scoop on Thirteen’s return to HOUSE? — Allison
The TV Addict: Scoop Plenty… specifics, not so much. Particularly because we wouldn’t exactly want to get on Fox’s bad side by inadvertently revealing the Krazy shocking and unexpected set of circumstances surrounding Thirteen’s incarceration. Except to say the following: Not only did Olivia Wilde inexplicably manage to get even hotter over her hiatus, HOUSE fans will be thrilled to discover that Monday’s 150th episode is among the season’s best as Wilde’s Thirteen gets the not-so-good-doctor to say three words we never thought we’d hear him utter “*** **** You!” Less thrilling, the episode is completely Cuddy and Wilson free.

Just how big of a game-changer is tonight’s NIKITA? — Ben
The TV Addict: Pretty big. Although if we’re being honest here, Michael and Nikita fans should probably brace themselves for the fact that tonight’s “Mikita” heavy instalment isn’t so much of a game-changer for our titular character as it is for Michael. So much so that after tonight, it’s pretty safe to say that he will never look at his current and former co-workers the same way again. Well, that and, now he really has a reason to keep that perma-scowl plastered across his face!

What else can you reveal about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Klaus? — Tracy
The TV Addict: Remember last week when we teased the circumstances surrounding the first time fans will lay their eye on Klaus, well this week we do you one better with an official first look at the character responsible for more bloodshed that those zombies on THE WALKING DEAD.

Any guesses as to when Carlos will discover the truth about Andrew’s involvement in his mother’s death on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? — Amber
The TV Addict: If we had to guess, probably sometime before the May 1st episode, which will see Gaby and the girls temporarily staying at Bree’s house… Gulp!

Are PARKS AND RECREATION’s Leslie and Ben ever going to clue into the fact that they’re completely and utterly perfect for each other? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Once again, Leslie and Ben’s will-they-or-won’t-they is another one of those good news bad news situations. Kicking off with the bad news first, the upcoming April 21st episode will see a lonely Leslie join an internet dating site. With the good news being that in the episode appropriately titled “Soulmates” she’ll be matched with someone she already knows. Rest assured, we’re already crossing our fingers that the aforementioned special someone isn’t Tom Haverford!

Is BROTHERS & SISTERS treating their upcoming finale as a season or series finale? — Nicky
The TV Addict: Definitely a season finale. Or at least that’s the distinct impression we were left withi having recently learned that as BROTHERS & SISTERS heads into the homestretch, the Walker family fans will not just be treated to one… but two bombshells! The latter of which involves the potential appearance of yet another mysterious Walker offspring!

What are you pegging the odds that Booth and Brennan will actual go there this May? — Amy
The TV Addict: Considering Hart Hanson already let it be known that “not everyone will find it sad,” “it” of course being the upcoming finale, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that there is a 97% chance that Booth and Brennan will actually take that next step forward. Why 97%? Let’s just say we’re leaving ourselves a wee bit of wiggle room having just discovered that the finale’s title that is “The Change in the Game” could simply be referring to the location of the episode’s murder-of-the-week, which as it turns out is a bowling alley. That said, not even Hart Hanson is that diabolically evil… right?

  • ANOTHER Walker?! Who said original storylines were dead?

  • Poetic_line

    Hart Hanson is very sweet when he talks poets but when it comes to Bones he can be a poker player holding his cards close to the vest. Is that evil or just self-protection. He wouldn’t tell me anything.

  • Brothers & Sisters is done, over, finito. I haven’t watched since the start of this season, but from what I’ve heard it’s far from as good as it used to be. Hell, it’s been pretty awful ever since they de-walkered Rebecca and introduced Ryan. The cast is ready for it to be over, the most part of the creative forces of the show have already left, and most importantly I think people are sick of the show. I would be very surprised if it got picked up for another year, but sadly this will be just another example of a once great show that didn’t know how to quit while they were still ahead.

  • Another potential Walker? Are you freaking serious?!
    I stopped watching this season, but good lord are they ruining a once great show. Shame!