5 Things You Didn’t Know About BETTER WITH YOU Star Jennifer Finnigan

While we probably don’t have to tell you that Jennifer Finnigan is the star of BETTER WITH YOU, ABC’s adorable half-hour laugher that airs Wednesday nights at 8:30PM following THE MIDDLE, odds are fairly good that thanks to ABC’s somewhat disappointing lack of marketing muscle, we do have to tell you that the show is returning tonight after far too long a hiatus. And to celebrate that fact, we recently had the chance to catch up with star Jennifer Finnigan who, in keeping with the theme of things you didn’t know, shared five things you might not know about her.

Her chemistry with Joanna Garcia is the real deal
Despite our assertion that a DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES-style behind-the-scenes controversy (Think Vanity Fair cover fiasco circa 2005) would do wonders for BETTER WITH YOU publicity-wise, Jennifer Finnigan was quick to point out that we’re out of luck. Which is to say that her character’s loveable chemistry with on-screen sibling Mia played by Joanna Garcia isn’t too far off from reality. “Joanna is the real deal, she’s such a good person and so kind,” explained Finnigan during a recent one-on-one with the TV Addict. “Sometimes it’s tough in this industry with women who are the same age, there’s sort of a competition factor. But there’s none of that with us and we just really root for one another.”

An acting career was never the dream
Although her mile long imdb resume might indicate otherwise, acting wasn’t always the Montreal Canada native’s career aspiration, at least not initially. “I resisted it for a long time. I was in University, studying Communications, figuring I’ll just do something behind the scenes. In fact, I was set on entertainment law until I got the job on STUDENT BODIES [Think: Canada’s version of SAVED BY THE BELL] so I had to leave school and there went that,” said Finnigan. “But I think I would have ended up behind the scenes, producing, directing or something like that. Acting was just something that took control of me and I couldn’t really deny it anymore, after STUDENT BODIES I realized how much I love it.”

She would love to work with her husband
For those wondering when Finnigan’s husband — Hollywood mainstay Jonathan Silverman (THE SINGLE GUY and more recently GREEK) — will follow in Mr. Joanna Garcia’s footsteps (Also known as New York Yankee Nick Swisher!)… stop wondering now. Should BETTER WITH YOU be lucky enough to be awarded a second season, Finnigan already has her bases covered. “I’ve been talking to the writers about it a lot and I think we’re just looking for the right part,” admitted Finnigan. “I’d like to find something that would make him a recurring character. I kind of like the idea of him being Ben’s hot older brother that I get very giddy around. But I definitely want him on the show because he’s so good. It’s funny, he doesn’t love multi-camera sitcoms — in front of an audience which makes him nervous — which you’d never think because of his track record. But I’m hoping he would consider it because i know we’d have so much fun working together. And actually, he’s there every Friday watching the taping and running lines with me in between takes. He’s a pretty exceptional husband that one.”

She hasn’t forgotten her big break
While many actors who have made the successful transition to Network Primetime eschew their soap opera roots, Finnigan embraces it. Particularly when her 500 episodes on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL lends itself to free hotel upgrades in Italy! “Everywhere we go around the world I’m recognized for that show which is a really incredible thing,” said Finnigan. “First of all I’m glad that I still look the same because that was a lot of years ago, and second, because people are such voracious fans. I can’t tell you the number of little gifts from small towns in Italy I’ve gotten… or hotel upgrades, it’s been really great like that. In fact, if someone calls out ‘Bridget,’ I immediately turn around.”

When it comes to the fate of BETTER WITH YOU, she knows far less than one might imagine
“Generally with freshman shows they don’t tell you anything unless you’re a gigantic hit out of the gate. So we all know we’re going to find out in the second week of May when everyone else finds out,” explained Finnigan who not surprisingly is not relishing the idea of waiting until the traditional May UpFronts to find out what she’ll be doing next season. “The waiting period just sucks, it’s the worst but I try not to think about it and I usually leave town for 90% of the time so i don’t have to face it.”

BETTER WITH YOU airs Wednesday at 8:30PM on ABC

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