Advertising Anarchy: COUGAR TOWN

Since ABC has inexplicably neglected to tell anybody that COUGAR TOWN returns next week with not just one, but two brand new episodes, this TV Addict has once again decided to take it upon ourselves to show network marketing departments how it’s done with the latest instalment of our ongoing Advertising Anarchy series (Also known as our slightly tongue-in-cheek take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows). Just call us Don Draper 2.0.

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  • They need to run this ad immediately!!!

  • Haha, I love it! If they’re not advertising, we will!

  • WAIT. I knew it was returning next week, but with TWO episodes?! THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION TO ME AND MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND WARM.

  • Ace

    If it were not for Twitter, I would have had no idea that there were any new episodes next week, let alone two. Such a strange way for ABC to treat a show they have already renewed.