Full Disclosure: We were fully prepared to not like ABC’s latest entry into the comedic pantheon that is really good looking twenty-somethings with relationships problems. What’s more, if the collection of dust on the DVD screener that has quietly been sitting on our desk for the better part of a month is any indication, we didn’t even want to risk liking HAPPY ENDINGS. Particularly after a season filled with a parade of similarly themed shows that we’ve already committed to (BETTER WITH YOU, PERFECT COUPLES) or passed over (TRAFFIC LIGHT).

Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, upon further review (Read: the devouring of the show’s first four episodes) HAPPY ENDINGS has two things going for it that make it worth checking out should you be so inclined to stick around post-MODERN FAMILY. First, a clever spin on the traditional sitcom-y wedding that starts at the beginning of the series rather than leave you waiting until the end of it (cough*HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER*cough) and two, a ridiculously likeable cast.

Which is to say, what HAPPY ENDINGS lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with a collection of funny and instantly engaging friends, including: The best thing about that forgettable final year of SCRUBS, Eliza Coupe, who plays a high strung wife to Damon Wayans Jr.’s chilled husband. The under-appreciated former featured player from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Casey Wilson, who will have you literally laughing-out-loud as the unlucky-in-love sometimes “beard” to Adam Pally’s adorably non-stereotypical gay sidekick. While Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton round out the sextet as the pivotal couple whose wedding doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Inventive and groundbreaking? Far from it. But thanks to scripts shepherded to the small screen by the dynamic comedy duo that are brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (COMMUNITY, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), not to mention a handful of zany plot lines including one that sees Wilson’s Penny date a gentleman with the unfortunate last name of “Hitler” and Pally’s Max come out to his parents to hilarious results, we’re fairly confident in saying that if given the chance you’ll be happy to have gone along for the ride. Grade: B

HAPPY ENDINGS premieres Wednesday April 13 at 9:30PM on ABC with a second episode airing at 10PM

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  • I so respect your opinions and enjoy your site, that if there’s anything I can do to help — like, say, watch the screeners you don’t want to — please, let me know. Please?

  • Beth

    Just watched the pilot and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Laughed out loud several times, so I’ll keep on tuning in!

  • Enjoyed both episodes.I just wish they’d slow down on the jokes a little. Joke, Joke, Joke, Joke! Be just a little more subtle, you know? Will be watching next week.

  • Don’t pass over Traffic Light! Not groundbreaking, but it’s better than the other two, definitely better than Better With You at the very least.

  • Ggny

    really great pilot…but the 2nd episode was

    and the pilot had one of the funniest moments of the tv season when the girl lets it out that she is in highschool…that had be dieing of laughter

  • Ggny

    2nd episode was weak…dont know why i didnt finsh writing that

  • Asap32

    Came across Happy Endings by accident online and I have been watching every episode I can get a hold of, I can also watch this again and again with ease, and yes you do have to admit it seems a little borrowed from Friends with a little bit of more of aN edge and a wicked sense of humour. I am from the UK and I am glad to say E4 will be showing this comedy very soon, and I WILL be watching again and again. The show is funny, the first episode is a little shakey, however, the rest are fantastic, what I like about the show is that the Gay character is a blast without being a stereotypical put you off your dinner gay guy, there is no prompt “to make you laugh” audience laughter machine so some funny scenes might not make you laugh but the humour is there and you aren’t forced to laugh without knowing you are laughing (so to speak) and it looks like money has been put into the show to make it quality. No it is not groundbreaking, but I love it, it is about time there was some show to get you from stop you watching repeats of Friends (how I met your mother missed that trick) and want to get hold of season 2 NOW.