Ask the Addict: Spoilers for GOSSIP GIRL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, 90210, THE KILLING & More!

Do you have any spoilers for us GOSSIP GIRL addicts, specifically of the Chuck and Blair variety? — Leesa
The TV Addict: Having seen the next two episodes of the season we do, but since we were kindly asked by our friends at the CW not to specifically spoil any of the craziness that goes down when GOSSIP GIRL returns next week after far too long a hiatus, we hope you’ll accept a little piece of advice instead: Those of you who take Chuck and Blair’s “will-they-or-won’t-they” seriously should most definitely not watch Monday’s episode within reach of any throwable objects that have the potential to inflict pain on friends, family members — or dare we say that it — that very-pricey-just-purchased flat screen TV when thrown in frustration. You’ve been warned.

Really excited for the return of COUGAR TOWN on Monday, particularly the cul-du-sac crew’s imminent Hawaiian vacation. Which raises the question, what is the reason the gang is travelling to Hawaii? — Blake
The TV Addict: You mean aside from an ingenious way for Bill Lawrence and Co. to get ABC to pony up for an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii? Turns out, the impetus for the gang to head to Hawaii is in an effort to bring Travis back, who ran off after suffering his first-ever broken heart. All together now, “Awwwwww.”

I’m hugely concerned with all this death talk surrounding tonight’s instalment of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Care to alleviate my fears? — Amber
The TV Addict: Sadly, we here at aren’t in the business of alleviating fears as much as we are exasperating them. Which is our cruel and unusual way of teasing that a cast member you’ve come to know and love since season one will pay one helluva price tonight in an effort to stop Klaus’ nefarious plan from kicking into high gear. Scarier still, Klaus promises (through the conduit that is Alaric of course) that “the fun is just beginning.”

Forget Vampires, I’m on Team Werewolf! As such, any word on when fans can expect Tyler to return? — Jasmine
The TV Addict: As luck would have it, after checking out the first few episodes of GAME OF THRONES we’re totally on Team Wolf right there with you too! (But more on that tomorrow) In terms of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, you can expect to a lot more of Tyler Lockwood this April 28th when he returns to Mystic Falls after receiving a very disturbing phone call. Oh, and on the off chance you’re concerned that Tyler is one of the characters who will meet his untimely demise before the season comes to a close, consider the following: Would the budget-conscious CW Network really bother including his portrayer, Michael Trevino, in a new promotional photo shoot if they were simply going to kill him off? We think not! Too bad the same can’t be said for Candice Accola (Caroline), Katerina Graham (Bonnie), Zach Roerig (Matt) and Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), all of whom are mysteriously M.I.A. from the recently released photo set (Below) Read into that what you will…

Anything exciting to report from 90210’s upcoming jaunt to Mexico? — Samantha
The TV Addict: Despite the fact that our invitation clearly got lost in the mail, we can only report what we saw from the videotaped evidence (read: Screener the CW was kind enough to send us) Evidently, the gang’s impromptu Mexican getaway will serve as a fairly large turning point in the season for Teddy, Ivy and Naomi, each of whom will make some fairly large decisions about the current status of their Facebook friendships with Soccor dude Marco, Raj and Max respectively. That is, if they can stop laughing themselves silly over Silver and Adrianna’s escalating prank war over Navid.

Does Owen’s return on NIKITA this week have any affect on Michael and Nikita’s burgeoning relationship? — Maitland
The TV Addict: Oddly enough, it does. On the positive side, tonight’s adventure with Owen actually brings Michael and Nikita closer together. With the negative being, his timing. Which is to say Owen’s arrival interrupts what is easily the hottest “Mikita” moment of the series to date.

Any word on any big names dropping by MODERN FAMILY? — Ali
The TV Addict: Atencion… Check 1… 2… 3… Breathe… Because joining the club of supremely talented albeit not quite household names who have popped by MODERN FAMILY will be none other than Broadway Impersario Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights), who on the May 11th episode will play an overzealous entrepreneur who finds himself on the wrong end of some business advice from Jay with regards to his curious dog training business (Below).

I’m obsessed with THE KILLING, any scoop? — Michael
The TV Addict: Assuming of course you’re talking about the hit AMC show, not the act of well… you know… join the club! And while we’re hesitant to spoil too much seeing as though half the fun of the show is not knowing what’s going to happen next (the other half being the awesomeness that is Michelle Forbes) we’ll only go as far as to say that in the coming weeks Papa Larson will channel the grief over the loss of Rosie by taking matters into his own hands when he decides to step up the search for his daughter’s killer with the help of his friend Belko.

  • Ugh…enough about Chuck and Blair (although I like them, too). What about Dan and Serena? #savedanandserena

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the CB info! I’m so excited for the final 5 episodes.

  • Thankyou for the spoilers! Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair have always had a passionate relationship with each other, and the TV audience. We wouldn’t be throwing things around if they werent worth it! No staid boring relationship for them. #redeemchuckbass #savechuckandblair #TeamDarkKnight

  • Thx for CB spoilers 😀 oh yeah 4×18 is kinda sad also good too 😉 but maybe CBers wont throw anything on the screen (but someone elses) because its getting harder after 4×18…

    #teamdarkknight FTW!

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the CB spoiler! Chuck and Blair have their ups and downs, but they are my favourite thing on the show. I’m so happy that they’re getting some interaction even if it’s negative interaction! #savechuckandblair #redeemchuckbass #teamdarkknight

  • Thanks so much for the warning on Gossip Girl. I’ll watch from inside a pillow fort! More truthfully, I think I’ll be fine if we actually have Chuck and Blair on screen together. I’ve missed that.

  • Melissa

    Can we please get more scoop about Chuck and Blair? Maybe something about them in the finale. #savechuckandblair

  • Sabrina

    ……….so Chuck and Blair will be interacting again………finally!!!:) I’m going to hide dangerous objects………………Thanks for the CB spoiler!

  • Nick

    Good lord, I’m so sick of Chuck and Blair talk, I wouldn’t care if one pushed the other off the top of his hotel.

    Seriously, little girls, get a life and quit obsessing over a fictional couple. Trust me when I say, you’re on the edge…

  • Thanks for the Chuck and Blair spoilers.

  • Thanks so much for the CB spoiler! Although, ugh, how annoying that they keep prolonging CB’s reunion. But I am fine with waiting patiently until it finally happens. 😀