The Showrunner in the [Hot] Seat: Hart Hanson Answers Your BONES Burning Questions

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As you may-or-may-not-have noticed from the recent explosion of BONES related items in your twitter stream this afternoon, showrunner Hart Hanson was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule working on the highly-anticipated sixth season finale to talk to a gaggle of reporters about this Thursday’s “Finder” episode which serves as a potential spin-off for next season should the proverbial powers that be decide to pick up the series. Or so he thought. For as it turns out, the aforementioned gaggle of reporters had far more pressing questions on their mind, five of which you can check out after the jump.

On whether or not the sixth season finale will live up to the hype:
Hart Hanson: The last two episodes of this season I think are going to run the whole gamut of tones that BONES does. A lot happens in those two episodes and I think the title of the season finale, “The Change in the Game,” is about as much as I want to say about it in any kind of detail. I just think it’s going to be one of those shows that the BONES audience will talk about and enjoy hugely. We’ve been building all year to something, I would hate to say what it was, but we’ve been building all year and I’d hate to cheat the audience in any way on the experience we’ve worked really hard to get them into. Put it this way, if anyone feels there is an anti-climax to it, then I’ve totally failed in my job.

On how Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy is going to to be incorporated into the series:
Hart Hanson: Those are big season 7 question and I don’t want to obfuscate too much, but we have a lot of decisions to make as we move forward. Season 7 will probably be curtailed in some respects, we just don’t know how much yet. We have a lot of things to figure out about how to deal with Emily’s pregnancy never mind anything we decide to do with Brennan, but there are an infinite number of ways we can deal with pregnancy which can be hidden or not. We have a plan right now, I’m going to be stubborn about saying what our plan is going into season 7. We’re shooting the final episode of season 6 right now and we’ve had no cause to hide much of Emily, she’s not showing all that much yet, that will happen soon. But if I told you how we’re going to proceed into season 7, it would give you too much information on how we intend to get out of season 6.

On why the writers decided to give Angela and Hodgins’ baby a health problem:
Hart Hanson: I always think of Angela and Hodgins as just the greatest couple in the world. They don’t have very many internal problems, so they have to go through obstacles that come at them from the outside and watch them deal with it. As things now stand in our show, the baby has a 75% chance of being absolutely fine and a 25% chance of being born blind. We just want to see how that looks to Angela and Hodgins and I think it’s all right to say that the season ender has a lot to do with the birth of their baby and how they’re going to proceed.

On the status of renewal negotiations currently taking place between Producers 20th Century Fox and Fox Broadcasting:
Hart Hanson: Everything is just business stuff, it’s just license fee negotiations, they’re talking like crazy over there I know. In 2009 it wasn’t settled until the weekend before UpFronts, so I imagine this could be anywhere between now and May 15th we’ll come to a deal. I’m very confident that we will in fact come to a deal. There’s just all sorts of hoops and hurdles to jump through and over as everyone tries to figure out what exactly season 7 will look like. Are we going to make 16, 18 or 22 episodes, those are all the models that are being discussed.

On whether or not the cast will be at Comic Con:
Hart Hanson: I think so but I have not heard details. To be honest, around her we look like the walking dead getting through our 22nd episode, plus the spin-off. There will be a presence I’m sure at comic con, I’m just don’t know what it will look like yet. Traditionally David and Emily go. I don’t know if Emily will able to attend this year or not, she understands how important Comic Con is, I can’t speak for her. But we have not had a lot of conversations about it.

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