TV Ratings: Sunday April 17, 2011

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS The Amazing Race 8.71 2.3/7
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 7.55 1.9/5
FOX The Simpsons (R) 4.15 1.7/5
NBC America’s Next Great Restaurant 3.74 1.2/3
8:30PM FOX American Dad 4.70 2.2/6
9PM ABC Desperate Housewives 8.83 2.7/7
CBS Undercover Boss 8.66 1.9/5
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.74 2.3/6
FOX Family Guy 6.04 3.0/8
9:30PM FOX Cleveland Show 4.70 2.3/6
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 9.80 2.2/5
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 8.09 2.7/7
ABC Brothers & Sisters 6.33 1.7/4

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  • Irish Joe

    Damn, Desperate Housewives is really dropping off now..
    I think ABC are part to blame, the scheduling has been all over the place, with a new episode here and there mixed in with re-runs… They should just have two parts to the season… part 1 from Sept – December (10-11 episodes), and then part 2 from March-May (11-12 episodes).. that way keeping the momentum going…

  • Agreed. The scheduling has been wonky. Tha said, I also think both DH and B&S are both aging somewhat less than gracefully. After this many years on the air, I find myself no longer cari about the characters. Also not helping the fact is that their competition on HBO is GAME OF THRONES and AMC’s THE KILLING. Guess what I choose last night?

  • BJ

    Slow night across the board looks like. I agree with you though Irish Joe. Adopt the ABC Family method of scheduling shows. It seems like their shows are always on the air and have millions of seasons.

  • Ace

    I have serious issues quitting shows that I have watched for a long time, so I kind of wish ABC would just take DH and B&S for me.

  • Shilo

    The whole two separate seasons doesn’t work for broadcast, though. At least not using the same show. Look at the CW. They took several months off and when their shows came back, they were even lower than when they left. I do think erratic scheduling is something that ABC needs to address, but I don’t know if that approach would work. I kind of wish network TV was a “split schedule” with all new shows (13 episodes) September-December with a couple week break leading into a new crop of (22 episode) shows from January to May. I know the possibility of that happening is slim to none, but I think it would get rid of reruns and it’d make people excited about TV in typically slow months.

    I don’t know, just a thought.

  • BJ

    That’s actually a good idea Shilo. What the networks could do is pawn off all those reality shows at the beginning of the television season and give them the 13 episode orders and then the real tv can begin every new year in the spring with the 22-24 episodes. It works perfectly.