Review: CRACKLE App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Combining two of our favorite addictions, has begun periodically turning off the TV in order to review TV-related iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps.

In need of yet another way to procrastinate from doing actual work? Love the likes of KIDNAPPED, NEWSRADIO and SEINFELD? Well, then you’re definitely going to want to check out Sony’s Pictures Entertainment’s just released Crackle App available as a universal download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

What Works: As advertised, Crackle takes the viewing experience and puts it in the palm of your hands, giving iDevice owners the opportunity to enjoy a handful of TV Addict favorites completely free of charge via 3G or Wi-Fi. What’s more, the device will remember where you left off should your viewing experience be interrupted by a pesky phone call, tedious text message or disappointing alert notifying you that your nemesis (Yes, you know who you are) in “Words with Friends” just racked up a massive triple word score (D’oh). Oh, and did we mention that, unlike Hulu Plus, Crackle doesn’t cost a thing?!

What Doesn’t: Well, aside from the fact that having free episodes of NEWSRADIO at our fingertips is pretty much the last thing those of us plagued with a ridiculously short attention span need, we can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed by the selection. Despite a handful of obvious gems (Note to movie addicts, the App also features full-length films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Karate Kid and a Few Good Men, to name a few) Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television. Translation: Entertainment options are limited to the studios’ library. Also limited, depending on where you live of course, is the content. Which is to say, “No SEINFELD for you” if you happen to be situated, like us, outside of the good ol’ US of A. And while we’re on the subject of limitations, Airplay functionality — which gives users the opportunity to stream videos on their big screen TV via Apple TV — would have been nice.

Bottom Line: Minor quibbles aside, do you really think we’d have anything negative to about one of thew Apps on iTunes that delivers high quality Hollywood content at absolutely no cost to the user?

CRACKLE is available as a free download on iTunes.

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  • You know, all these TV-related apps often makes me ALMOST overcome my dislike of Apple and buy an iSomething.

    I mean it’s common knowledge that Apple is just a cover for Skynet. In December 2012, great disaster will strike, but we survive with the help of Apple’s technology and new machinery. While there are allegations that Apple caused 12/12 to begin with, there is never enough evidence to prove it. But conspiracy or not, this increases our dependance on them. Within a few years most countries in the world have their entire infrastructure based on Apple technology. Apple does their part, they keep making new, innovative and expensive products that seem awesome. But in 2023, something changes. They turn on us. Every last piece of Apple equipment. iPods, iPhones, iSunglasses, iCars. The iGuns too.
    2023. Mark the date.

    As I type this, I expect an iTerminator from the future to attempt to kill me before I hit Post.

  • Anonymous

    Look, free TV is sort of a given these days. Who appreciate what they have anyway? Wake me up when networks/studios make their content available outside the US.

  • Well I am still alive so I might be wrong about all this.

  • I for one will be first in line to welcome our Apple overlords should the day ever arrive.

  • You shall be named traitor to your race. While it is punishable by death, I’ll be moderately good friends with John Connor by then, so I think I should be able to score you a pardon.