SMALLVILLE Gets a Superman Suit… But Does It Work?

After almost a decade of adhering to creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar strict “No tights, no flights” policy, SMALLVILLE’s penultimate episode of the series entitled “Prophecy” will finally give fans their first look at the iconic Superman suit courtesy of Jor-El, who bestows upon the couple a unique wedding gift when Clark asks him for his blessing with regards to his marriage with Lois. But does it work? Judge for yourself after the jump.

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  • This season of Smallville has been really good. Not since before Lex left have I been this interested in a season of Smallville.

  • Sanen85

    Ugggh, I feel like I would like the character of Lois Lane a lot more if they stop getting annoying actresses to play her.

    Sorry, but it’s the way I feel.