The TV Addict Trend Watch: Invasion of the Network Hashtags

Inspired by the somewhat worrisome trend that has Networks like Fox and Comedy Central experimenting with the addition of Twitter hashtags on what is fast becoming an increasingly cluttered small screen comes our latest edition of “TV Addict Trend Watch” (Our not so scientific take on the past, present and future of television).

So just what can you expect to see the next time you turn on your television in the not-to-distant future? Find out for yourself after the jump.

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  • JM

    urghh that sucks. honestly as the people making the product i’d be pissed

  • Anonymous

    i’ve found that when advertisements and such take up 1/4 or more of my screen it makes me angry against the product/show and therefore i do not want to watch it. A recent example was teh voice taking up 1/3 of the screen while watching chuck. i still remember the V countdown clock/advertisement that covered up Sun’s subtitles on Lost making it hard to follow along. Its just not necessary. I know people skip commercials now and i’m fine (well tolerable) with a small ticker on the bottom of the screen but when they are large and then move it just distracts me from the show i WANT to see and follow along.

  • Ace

    They are just going to make more people turn to watching things online or wait for DVD release…

    JM – I think they are. Mindy Kaling (who wrote last week’s Office) mentioned on Twitter how annoying The Voice ads were.

  • The clothes price thing wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  • Tiredofsppam

    Don’t be stupid. The people making the product would be paying for those bugs on the screen promoting them.