Best Calling Out: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell put his corporate bosses in the hot seat by insisting they end attention whore Donald Trump’s “relentless campaign of hatred” by revealing that the tycoon can’t run for president because he’s committed to doing another season of THE APPRENTICE. (We here at continue urging viewers to boycott Trump’s offerings… and here’s why.
Most Likely To Mangle A Phrase: Whether declaring “You can’t stand the truth!” (instead of the famous line from A Few Good Men “You can’t handle the truth!”) or talking about how “you can’t pull the wool over the undercover specialist,” SURVIVOR’s Phillip is proving one of the most misquote-worthy contestants in the show’s history.
Best Twist: Once again harkening back to its first season, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES revealed that Wisteria Lane’s curmudgeonly Karen McCluskey knew all along that Paul Young didn’t kill Felicia Tilman.
Most Conveniently-Timed Break: A lotta people complain about how long it is between MAD MEN seasons, but star January Jones is making good use of her down time by having a baby!

The Saving The Best For Last Award Goes To… : THE OFFICE, for making sure that Pam got the final farewell to departing boss Michael in what turned out to be one of the uneven sitcom’s most outstanding episodes.
The When It Rains, It Pours Award Goes To… : GENERAL HOSPITAL which, even as it was being dogged by increasingly-loud cancellation rumors, was hit by a lawsuit filed by the estate of of the show’s legendary creators claiming it is owed syndication money.
Worst Export: Oh, England, we’re sorry. You give us classics like THE OFFICE and ALL IN THE FAMILY (TILL DEATH US DO PART was the original) and what do we give you? JERSEY SHORE, being remade as GEORDIE SHOREM by MTV UK. On behalf of all of us, we’re sorry.
Something To Sing About: Holy crap, THE VOICE is entertaining TV. From the format to the likeable trainers, this show deserves to be bigger than the lackluster IDOL. Our only complaint? Carson Daly.
Least Open Minded: The reaction of Dustin Zito’s REAL WORLD housemates to his naked frolicking on a site aimed at gay men (which included one abbreviated close encounter of the oral kind with another guy) proved that, sadly, today’s 20something’s are just as capable of homophobia and prejudice as their older brethren.
The “Yeah, Right” Award Goes To… : Former ONE TREE HILLer Chad Michael Murray, who tweeted that if the show returns next season, he might be on board. Why? “Maybe… for you guys.” Or maybe for a bunch of money. Or because he hasn’t exactly had a lot to do since leaving.

  • You know, if the UK version of Jersey Shore succeeds, MTV might just end up creating one for each of the major countries they broadcast in.

  • Ace

    My favorite Philism this week was “fruitile”. Nothing like combining fruitless and futile.