Morning Static: Dylan McDermott, Kristen Wiig, Aaron Sorkin & More!

• Out: Kyle Chandler, In: Dylan McDermott.
• Is Kristen Wiig among the top three or four best SNL performers ever? Discuss.
• This Just In: Fox Pulls Sunday’s FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, CLEVELAND SHOW Hurricane-themed crossover in light of recent tragedy.
• Mark your Calendars: NBC announces a June 2 premiere date for Becki Newton’s oft-delayed LOVE BITES.
• Spotlight: Meet the genius behind FRINGE’s mind-bindingly cool promos.
• Behind-the-scenes of the Sorkin Network, an early look at his new HBO pilot MORE AS THE STORY DEVELOPS.

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  • Ace

    I would put Kristen Wiig in my top five least favorite SNL performers. I actually usually enjoy her on movies, but all of her SNL characters are terrible.