90210 Live Blog: We Watched It So You Don’t Have Too!

8:00PM: Only on TV would working on a “Charity Calendar” help secure Naomi — who if we’re not mistaken was on the verge of flunking out earlier in the season — a spot at California University.

8:03PM: After weeks months of being missing in action, Lori Loughlin’s Debbie and Ryan Eggold’s Mr. Matthew’s return, alongside Jen, who is back to help raise baby Jacques/Jack. BIG LOVE 90210 Edition anyone?

8:04PM: Teddy and Marco’s date is interrupted by a ridiculously blatant product placement for Android handsets when Marco receives a phone call from “Eric.” Why is GOSSIP GIRL’s only gay raining on Teddy and Marco’s parade? Stay tuned…

8:05PM: Annie confronts her employer, legendary actress/alzheimer’s sufferer Marla Templeton about whether or not she is planning to end her own life. File that under conversations you don’t want to ever have your first week on the job.

8:08PM: Navid confronts Silver about stealing Sydney Bristow’s hairstyle erratic behavior. File that under it’s about damn time!

8:15PM: Despite the fact that if television and movies have taught us anything over the years it’s that a thin envelope equals rejection from College, Naomi inexplicably gets accepted to California University.

8:19: We interrupt this episode for an embarrassingly awkward product placement as Ryan shows Naomi how easy it is to video chat on his tablet with his nanny in the next room. Yes, the cash-strapped single Dad can not only afford a nanny, but two high priced Android tablets!

8:24PM: Annie and Naomi — who this week seem to be friends again — have a heart-to-heart with Teddy who is worried that Marco is hiding something.

8:30PM: Something Borrowed Commercial Chatter… John Krasinski is seriously in need of a new agent.

8:26PM: Liam, or as we like to call him, 90210’s Nate Archibald equivalent makes his first (and only) appearance of the night in the limo scene that sees Marla on her way to a screening of one of her most famous movies with the “gang.” Also making their first (and only) appearance of the night are Ivy and Raj.

8:44PM: The big secret Marco turns out to be keeping from Teddy is that he’s poor! More shockingly still, the CW missed out on a prime product placement opportunity when Teddy confronts Marco in a generic “Sub” shop that he works at. So why wasn’t Marco honest with Teddy in the first place? Evidently, he wasn’t planning on liking him as much as he did, which is sweet and all, except for the fact that the “couple” has had what, like, two minutes of screen time over the course of the past few episodes. #showrunnerFAIL

8:46PM: Seeing as though Max has firmly established his nerd cred with references to M.I.T., statistics and Black Ops, can he please get contacts?

8:51PM: Max reveals that he’s passing up his dream of attending M.I.T, to attend Cal Tech and stay with Naomi. Not so smart after-all.

8:54PM: Dixon and Navid check Silver into a Psychiatric Ward. M.I.A. is sister Kelly, who once again, chooses “me.”

8:56PM: As a thank-you to Annie for encouraging her to go to what turned out to be a magical movie screening, Marla gives Annie her prized necklace. Yup, this probably isn’t going to end well.

8:58PM: Adrianna arrives just in time to drive an exhausted Navid home from the hospital, promptly plies him with alcohol and watches him collapse on his water-bed. Seriously, people still have water-beds?

8:59PM: As foreshadowed, the episode ends with Annie discovering Marla (presumably) dead in her bedroom. Question: Does it make us a horrible TV Addict that the first thought that crossed our mind was, there goes Annie’s one thousand dollar a week job! Followed quickly by, whether or not Annie managed to get herself written in the will?

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  • Nick

    Thanks, this helps. I had to miss it last night, and, of course, The CW wants us to completely forget about online viewing, so they won’t post the episode on their non-functioning website until…oh, next Monday or so. Good grief.

  • That wasn’t a generic sub shop. It was Jersey Mike’s! (chain)

  • Oops my bad, never heard of it. And to think, I was up on all of LA’s landmark eateries.

  • Sanen85

    My first thought was about the will, so I guess that makes me worse.

    These people are so unlikeable sometimes, but I’m digging Liam/Annie and Naomi/geek a bit more than I thought I would.

  • Why wouldn’t anybody want to watch 90210? What other show has their lead character get attacked by a monkey.

  • Loved that you noticed that.

  • Loved that you noticed that.

  • Loved that you noticed that.