It’s Time for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER to Put Up or Shut Up (Re: The Mother)

If HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas aren’t prepared to introduce the titular mother to audiences in the not too distant future, they at the very least have to promise to stop putting Ted in a relationship that everyone and their mother knows is doomed from the get go. Or at least that’s what we spent the better part of 22 minutes pondering following last night’s somewhat less than inspired episode.

After-all, as any LOST fan can attest to, six seasons is an awful long of time to wait for answers. And while we respect a showrunner’s right to stick to their creative vision — particularly after reading this weeks Entertainment Weekly feature that alludes to the fact that the upcoming season finale will set in motion a plan to finally introduce television’s biggest no-show since Polkaroo — we would like to think that the feeling is mutual and that said aforementioned showrunners respect their fiercely loyal fans enough to, for lack of a better wording, stop jerking us around!

Simply put, this TV Addict is no longer content in watching Ted find himself entangled in yet another relationship that is destined to flame out in spectacular fashion. After enduring Sarah Chalke’s somewhat amusing Stella and Jennifer Morrison’s far less funny Zoey, we’ve officially stopped caring about any storyline that involves Ted and a character who has already been ruled out as the mythical mother. So while Bays and Thomas are completely free to keep the mystery of the mother alive as long as they deem fit, we respectfully request that in the interest of… well, our interest, they find a better way to milk this mystery than by introducing yet another beautiful blonde next season.

We didn’t buy it on BONES with Hannah, and we sure as heck aren’t going to buy it with Ted.

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  • Yeah, it’s time for Mother to be revealed. And maybe to rename the series into “How I wed your mother”. It would be interesting to show actual relationship that will lead to her actually becomes a mother.

  • Ggny

    it seems just like me many other HIMYM fans are starting to give up on the show…The ratings have been done like crazy for the last month and it just getting boring

    They really need to do something to fix this show

  • I couldn’t agree less. I’ve always felt like the mother was a red herring. It’s not why I watch the show. I honestly don’t care who she is. Just because Ted’s given relationship isn’t going to end in marriage to his offspring’s mother doesn’t automatically make it less compelling. With that in mind, I do think the Zoey relationship has been a mis-fire. She’s just not a very interesting character and I think this stands out even more given the huge plot lines that Marshall and Barney are dealing with this season. Ted and Zoey are lame because Zoey is lame, not because she’s not the mother.

  • Nick

    The question comes to mind: Who actually *cares* who the freakin’ mother is? I can’t imagine anyone sitting on the edge of their seat for the answer.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think they should have at least a full season of the mother being around. After all these years, why not let the fans get to know the mother and what she’s like? The whole idea of waiting until the series finale to introduce her is ridiculous to me.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. My dream scenario has Ted and the audience meeting the mother at the wedding during the seventh season premiere, while the show spends the next season or two showing how they made it down the aisle themselves.

  • Yeah, I’ve always thought that the penultimate season of the show should give us the mother, and the final season ends with the wedding.

  • This last episode was really horrible, and I say this as an occasional defender of CBS sitcoms.

  • Ace

    It really was horrible. I have loved the show since the beginning, but that episode was just bad. They need to bring in the mother just to change things up at this point.

  • Ciaran

    Agreed. They are just putting random stuff which is not really funny or witty- the first couple of seasons were great but frankly- it’s getting really boring. The characters seem too one-dimensional. Honestly I really liked the show till some time back but I think the acting has gone down a notch too. Almost looks like the actors are getting a bit bored too.