Charlie McDermott and Eden Sher Spill Secrets From the Set of THE MIDDLE

What’s life really like on the set of THE MIDDLE, the hit ABC sitcom that kicks off the first of four consecutive May Sweeps episodes tonight at 8PM on ABC? Stars Charlie McDermott and Eden Sher, who play Axl an Sue Heck respectively, spill all.

Who on the set is most likely to mess up a take by laughing?
Charlie McDermott: Eden.
Eden Sher: Me, totally me. Without question.

Which actor would you say is most like their character?
CM: Atticus.
ES: Atticus.
CM: Atticus is pretty similar, not as quirky, but he’s intelligent and reads a lot.
ES: Not in a negative way at all but he is a little bit quirky. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill twelve year old!
CM: He doesn’t whisper to himself.

Who is least like their character?
ES: Probably me or Patty.
CM: Hey…
ES: I’d say Charlie is exactly the same, totally sloth like! I don’t think I’m much like Sue, but then I see Patty sometimes in her non-Frankie gear and it’s a pretty drastic change.

Which cast member is known for spending most of his time off-camera snacking at Craft services?
CM: Everyone!
ES: I feel like we have some sort of cast telepathy too. I always find we go to “crafty” the exact same time. But we’re also always there, so maybe that’s why!
CM: We’re also always trying to avoid wardrobe change.
ES: [Laughing] That’s true. My yellow cross-country sweatshirt on that sweltering soundstage is absolutely my favorite thing to wear.
CM: Eden loves that sweatshirt, she never stops talking about how much she loves that sweatshirt.

Who can be counted on most for knowing their lines?
CM: I think everybody.
ES: You know what, if I had to pick one person I’d probably say Atticus. He learns them and he just is a robot with them… in the best way possible.
CM: Patty. Patty has more lines then everybody.
ES: You know what, that’s a good point. She probably messes up more than Atticus, but she has more lines than all of us combined. If I had that many lines I don’ think I could do as well as she does.

Who has the messiest trailer?
CM: I haven’t seen anyone else’s trailer beside mine and Eden’s so I don’t know. We’re pretty clean, we don’t have much stuff in there.
ES: They’re not really that big.
CM: It’s like a laptop, and whatever else you bring that day.

Who has the worst taste in television in terms of being hooked on reality TV?
CM: I don’t think anyone watches reality TV, we all kind of hate it.
ES: Except… have you seen an episode of any Kardashian spin-off? You know you gotta give it a shot, at least watch one episode of one of the three, maybe start out with KHLOE & LAMAR and then talk to us about not watching reality television.
CM: I watched two episodes of JERSEY SHORE last year and then I hated myself for it, but I grew up there every summer so I was trying to watch it to see the Jersey Shore and then I realized it was actually nothing like the Jersey Shore I experienced.

Which cast member’s off camera life would be most interesting in terms of fodder for their own reality TV show?
CM: No one.
ES: Maybe Atticus with his Farm. Patty has her family and goes and tends to that, Neil [Flynn] has his cat Mike, and Charlie and I live next to each other and we’re both really boring.

Which ABC show would you most like to see THE MIDDLE crossover with?
ES: Maybe MODERN FAMILY, just so we can have a Heck/Dunphy party and see how they would interact with each other. Don’t they do that on Disney and Nickelodeon shows?

Who is most likely to be found with an iDevice [iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch] in their hand the moment the camera stops rolling?
CM: Patty always has her iPad, but I don’t get any credit for this, I started the iPad craze on our set and nobody gives me credit for that. Ever. I’m just putting it out there, so it can be in print, I was the first!

THE MIDDLE airs Wednesday night at 8PM on ABC

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  • Nick

    I’m putting this in print (again): Charlie and Eden are absolutely the funniest teens on television–consistently hilarious. Yes, the kids on Modern Family are great, too, but The Middle kids win by a cross-country nose. Any kids who’d walk around in their undershorts and sweatshirt in every episode deserve kudos in my book. Long live The Middle, ABC’s most underrated comedy!

  • I love this show and a Modern Family/The Middle cross over would be too much fun!

  • Rlb1957

    Maybe I’m just an old lady but Axle needs to eat.