Any word on how ROOKIE BLUE plans on kicking off its sophomore season this June? — Amy
The TV Addict: We see your word, and raise you two more. Which is to say, when last summer’s surprise smash returns this June 16 on ABC (Global TV in Canada) it will be doing so “with a bang.” That’s the good news. The bad news is said bang spells bad news — of the bullet in the chest variety — to one of the series regulars pictured in the above photo. Gulp!

Recently you teased that when ENTOURAGE kicks off its eighth and final season, it will do so following a stint in rehab for our leader of the pack. Which raises the question, upon his release, will Vinnie’s career trajectory be that of the Robert Downey Jr. or Lindsay Lohan variety? — David
The TV Addict: Unfortunately for those hoping Vince’s tabloid troubles were left in rehab following last season’s arrest shocker, stop hoping now. As it should be, the road to recovery will be a long an arduous one made all the more difficult when Vince is called into question by the LAPD following the death of a friend. Double Gulp!

The only thing I love more than Mark Sheppard, is some news on what he’s doing on SUPERNATURAL this week. Any chance you got some for me? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: Suffice to say, there is a very good reason that Sheppard has become one of science fiction’s go-to guys… the man knows how to keep his mouth shut! No really. Try as she might, Tiffany Vogt, our West Coast Senior Editor Extrodinaire who recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sheppard for an interview that you’ll be able to read in its entirety tomorrow couldn’t get anything. Well, she could, but as Sheppard jokingly countered when asked what he could share about the return of Crowley on tomorrow night’s episode, “Everything!… But then I’d have to kill you.”

Loving me some Sara and Neal on WHITE COLLAR, got anything to tide me over until the show returns this summer? — Joanna
The TV Addict: Suffice to say, summer lovin’ will see Neal and Sara having a blast. Particularly when they are forced to go on a Sarah Palin-esque New York City shopping spree in an effort to catch the eye of a clever corporate hacker who siphoned over $100 million in bank assets. Oh, and if that’s not enough summer lovin’ for you, said shopping spree may also introduce Mozzie to his next lady love.
So incredibly stoked for TERRA NOVA, any scoop? — Bram
The TV Addict: Despite the fact that Fox is keeping an incredibly tight lid on the mysterious and highly-anticipated new series, your very own TV Addict has learned that a jump back through time will most definitely not be the quick fix to Jim and Elisabeth Shannon’s troubled marriage. Especially when what awaits Mama Shannon back in time is a certain Chief Science Officer who may-or-may-not be the proverbial man who got away.

Anything for this ROYAL PAINS Addict?
The TV Addict: How does scoop on an upcoming episode that will see Hank and Evan’s father turn over an unexpected leaf when he plays angel to a friend confined to a hospital bed. While, Jill has an unexpected visit of her own to the E.R. that concerns everyone, including the always watchful Boris.

Really looking forward to prom on 90210. Any idea who will be King and Queen? — Amber
The TV Addict: Idea? How does photographic evidence courtesy of a surprisingly spoilerific photo just released by the CW.

Additional Reporting by Tiffany Vogt

  • Hil

    I am unusually excited for my summer tv to begin. In Plain Sight, Rookie Blue…is Lost Girl starting up again soon?

  • There is no firm return date for “Lost Girl” yet, but reports state it returns Fall 2011.

  • great scoop … thou more to get for 90210 ,,but still love it what we get