Mark Sheppard Teases his Surprising SUPERNATURAL Return

Make no bones about it (all puns intended), Mark Sheppard knows how to keep a secret.  Not only did he keep his mouth shut for months about his unexpected return on SUPERNATURAL, he steadfastly dodged questions during his interview about how much longer his character Crowley will be featured on SUPERNATURAL and what Crowley is really up to.  In fact, when first asked what he could say about Crowley’s return, Mark laughingly admitted, “Everything – but then I’d have to kill you!”
Instead Mark talked about how hard it was to keep such a monumental secret from his devoted fans. While he did not have to fly in on a special plane or use disguises when going to and from the set (since Mark claimed he was not yet famous enough to need to resort to such extreme measures), he found it extremely hard to keep such a secret from the fans – particularly at the conventions where he had to outright lie to them from the stage.  The temptation to blurt out and share the good news was overwhelming; but, in the end, Mark’s strong work ethic prevailed.  There is, after all, a good reason that he is the most sought after man in sci-fi television – he is good at keeping a secret!  From his days working on THE X-FILES, FIREFLY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, WAREHOUSE 13, SUPERNATURAL and most recently DOCTOR WHO, Mark knows how vital it is to hold back a few surprises and to keep the most spoiler-inquisitive fans at bay.

So, while it was hard lying to the fans and not spoiling the surprise that Crowley was returning to SUPERNATURAL, what made it even harder was when news leaked that he would be returning for the upcoming episode “The Man Who Would Be King.” Thus, Mark felt enormously relieved and happy that his return appearance in “Mommy Dearest” was not spoiled.  Great television is dependent upon a few surprises or no one would tune-in to watch the show!
Teasing what Crowley is really up to, Mark emphasized that fans will want to tune in and see exactly what happens in “The Man Who Would Be King.”  Mark mysteriously added, “Just keep an eye on what [Crowley’s] going to do next!”  Clearly, while the unexpected alliance and partnership of Crowley and Castiel is mind-blowing, the story behind it is going to knock our socks off.
To play such a rich and diverse character as Crowley has been a pure joy for Mark.  As Mark described him, “Crowley’s a true demon . . . He’s not just an opportunist, he’s not just a salesman – he has an idea of what he wants and he’ll do anything to get it.”  However, in Mark’s mind, Crowley is not just a villain.  He simply feels that Crowley is a “survivalist with his own agenda.”  In fact, he hinted that Cowley will continue to unfold before our eyes and he recommends that viewers pay close attention as he does.
Regardless of where on the spectrum of good versus evil that Crowley may fall, the experience portraying such a complex and fun character has been amazing for Mark.  He loves the energy and enthusiasm with which everyone who works on SUPERNATURAL approaches the characters and the ongoing journey.  To work with such passion has been extraordinary and Mark hopes that he will have the chance to continue working on the show as it enters its seventh season.
So as fans watch tonight’s new episode, Mark recommends focusing on: what do Crowley and Castiel want from each other?  That helps in understanding what Crowley is ultimately up to.
SUPERNATURAL airs Friday nights at 9:00PM on The CW.

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  • Claudia

    I love Crowley and I’m so happy that the’s back and I’m one of the fans who bugged Mark about Crowley’s death at a convention. Lol Mark you lier! ;D