5 Reasons Why You Might Wish to Reconsider Burning FOX’s Name in Effigy Following Last Night’s Slew of Cancellations

It was fun while it lasted.
While it’s never a happy day when your favorite show gets cancelled (Seriously, this is coming from the TV Addict who is still smarting over the untimely demise of EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY, VERONICA MARS, KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL and GROSSE POINT!), both LIE TO ME and HUMAN TARGET ended their runs with 48 and 25 episodes respectively. A number, that while not ideal, is one we have a feeling FIREFLY fans would have done unspeakable things for!

You gotta give Fox credit for thinking different.
Putting aside for a moment the pick-up of THE FINDER — a somewhat less-than-thrilling BONES spin-off that we have a feeling was only given the green-light as a result of Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy and creator Hart Hanson’s stellar track record — Fox will always hold a special place in our heart for being the one network that isn’t afraid of thinking different. And while we’re the first to admit that their gambles don’t always pay off, we continue to applaud them for taking chances on the likes of GLEE, BOB’S BURGERS, TERRA NOVA among others. Particularly in contrast to their Network brethren who far too often seem content with spewing out spin-offs, reboots and re-imaginations of already popular franchises.

We heart Fall TV!
While we can’t stress enough as to just how badly we feel for those fans who passionately invested their time in the handful of FOX’s shows that are now six feet under thanks in no small part to the timeslot hogging reality TV behemoth that is THE X FACTOR… we aren’t here to lay blame on our UK friends! What we are here to do is highlight one of the only upsides that come with Fox eviscerating a large portion of their Primetime sked: The unknown! Will TERRA NOVA be the small screen equivalent of Jurassic Park? Does J.J. Abrams’ ALCATRAZ have what it takes to live up to the lofty expectations set forth by LOST? Will Hart Hanson’s FINDER be able to locate the winning chemistry that turned BONES into a hit? All we know for sure is we can’t wait to find out.

What’s Next?
Another positive for the countless actors, not to mention hundreds of hard-working/talented behind-the-scenes artisans being given the proverbial pink slip are… new and exciting opportunities. No really. Things may not look too rosy now, but it would behoove those affected by last night’s bloodbath to keep in mind the following two things. Not only did showrunners Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd channeled their shock and awe over BACK TO YOU’s unexpected cancellation into MODERN FAMILY, actor Josh Gad can currently be found singing and dancing to sold-out houses eight nights a week in the Tony nominated Broadway smash Book of Mormon. Oh, and on the off chance you are one of those actors/creative types scratching your head over what to do next, Maureen Ryan has a few helpful suggestions.

And finally, can you really stay angry at the network that continues to renew a low-rated science fiction marvel that on any other would have been cancelled two seasons ago? We sure as heck can’t.

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  • This is SO TRUE! And a very funny read! 😀

  • Its a pity for Lie to Me and Human Target, I liked both of them. But, as you say, we still get to watch Fringe. And, hopefully, Terra Nova will be a better show than current trailers show. Alcatraz is interesting idea, but we’ll see if J.J. Abrams can do it again like he did with Lost or Fringe.

  • I agree. FRINGE is what matters to me and I thank FOX for giving us a fourth season!!!!

  • Keeping Fringe was worth the other cancellationa IMO, though the X-Factor is not.

  • I had watched every episode of all five shows that were canceled. So it was kinda upsetting. Not burning Fox’s name in effigy upsetting, but not too far off either.

  • Truth

    Sometimes having your show cancelled is the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m sure Darren Criss feels that way about Eastwick.

  • Kelly

    Funny, when I saw the title, the first thing I thought of was, “Well, they renewed Fringe, so that’s a plus…” Great points all around…

  • Claudia

    FOX renewed Fringe which was a miracle, that’s more than enough.

  • It wouldn’t be so bad but I really am not interested in what they have for pilots come Fall. I’m afraid it will be a “you got rid of X for this?” kind of Fall season.

  • Abby

    I’m really going to miss Human Target 🙁 Interesting article, though. I’m not an Idol watcher and won’t be watching X-Factor so I guess Fringe will be the only thing I’ll be watching on Fox.

  • yes I can still be angry with FOX!!! The Finder backdoor pilot didn’t inspire me AT ALL… and to sacrifice Lie to Me for that?!?!?! grrr… I enjoyed both The Chicago Code and Human Target and will miss them, but losing Lie to Me is like a punch in the gut. SNIF!!! ;o(

    That said, I will agree to FOX being the most risk-taking network… most of the shows I watch are on it. And I AM looking forward to both Alcatraz and Terra Nova. :o)

    And this Fringe fan is VERY grateful for another season of parallel universe wackiness! ;o)

  • ditto…

  • I much preferred season 1 Human Target than season 2… couldn’t really get behind the character of Ilsa, she just didn’t fit in at all…