And the #1 Reason Why You Should Tune into Tonight’s NIKITA Season Finale Is…

Good News: Your very own TV Addict was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to see tonight’s fantastic NIKITA season finale. Bad News: As a result of the ominous letter that accompanied the screener that swore us to absolute secrecy with regards to four (Yes 4!) of the shocking reveals that may-or-may-not involve a major character death, countless double-crosses and an escape or two, we are not at liberty to share much of anything with you. So, rather than risk the wrath of our good friends at the CW and Warner Bros. Television, we thought we’d take a slightly different approach when it came to politely encouraging you to tune into tonight’s finale.

In short: Star Maggie Q must remain just that. For when she isn’t busy kicking some serious bad guy butt on screen, she is busy harnessing her celebrity power for a cause that is very close to our heart off: The protection of our furry friends.

Just how serious is Ms. Q about her animal activism? Well, aside from appearing in two somewhat revealing PETA campaigns across Asia, she just yesterday put her money where her mouth is by taking to twitter to offer up a $5000 reward to the villain responsible for dumping this poor dog and 10 others on the side of a Los Angeles highway. And while we don’t pretend her off screen activities will have much, if any baring on whether or not you tune into tonight’s jaw-dropping NIKITA finale, we just thought now might be the appropriate time to let you know that Maggie Q is a star we’d like to see keep shining.

NIKITA airs Thursday night at 9PM on the CW.

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  • Nick

    Any friend of animals is a friend of mine, and I’ll definitely be watching Nikita tonight. Thanks, Maggie, for your efforts on behalf of those abandoned dogs. [It never ceases to amaze me how many absolutely soulless, heartless idiots there are in this world. Anyone who could mistreat an animal places no value on life or civilized decency.]