Ask the Addict: Spoilers for HOUSE, NIKITA, BONES, SMALLVILLE & More!

Any idea as to whether or not Tom and Lynette are actually heading for splitsville on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: It sure looks that way doesn’t it! And while we don’t pretend to know if Wisteria Lane’s most stable couple will actually go as far as to commence those dreaded divorce proceedings, what we can promise is that you won’t have to wait all summer to find out. “I believe we gain some closure,” said Tom’s portrayer Doug Savant during a recent one-on-one with the TV Addict. “This marriage and relationships in general are an ongoing evolution, but fans will be relieved to know that there is some closure to this particular issue.”

Any clues as to who will be ripping a hole in BONES’ heart tonight? — Madison
The TV Addict: Yes. But since we sure as heck aren’t about to risk the wrath of fellow countryman Hart Hanson by spilling the beans as to which character will find himself on the wrong end of sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky sight (Seriously, have you seen a Canadian get mad?) we will only go as far as to reveal that it’s a character that fans will most certainly scream “Nooooo!” over… followed by a quick reach for the tissues. Oh, and on the off chance you’re stopping off at a store in-between work and home, it might behoove you to stock up on tissues as tonight’s key death sends shockwaves throughout the entire team. Watch for a casket, flowers and a very unexpected song that may-or-may-not haunt you until Friday.

Full disclosure, I have a slight obsession with T.J. Thyne and his piercing blue eyes. Did Thyne happen to have anything fun to reveal about his character at the recent Paley Center Event honoring BONES? — Lindsey
The TV Addict: Fun Fact: Despite a set filled with blood, guts and gore, there is only one thing that T.J. Thyne refuses to have anything to do with on BONES: Pogo Sticks! When his castmate David Boreanaz playfully suggested that he wants to see Hodgins on a pogo stick bouncing around the Smithsonian lab, T.J. was quick to chime-in and say that it’s absolutely the one thing you will not see on the show. Bugs, blood and bodies are okay – but not the pogo stick. Though the word is still out on jet packs…

Will the unlucky in-love Dov Epstein be less so when ROOKIE BLUE returns this summer? — Darnell
The TV Addict: Truthfully, we’re not sure. But what we can share on the Dov front is that fans will learn a doozy of a secret with regards to a tragedy that plagued Dov’s family in the upcoming June 16th second season premiere. A secret that may-or-may-not shed some much needed light as to why Dov was so dead-set on becoming a police officer.

Just how exactly is SMALLVILLE planning on ending its super ten year run this Friday? — Adam
The TV Addict: According to’s very own super-girl — West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt — who was fortunate enough to snag an elusive invite to special screening with SMALLVILLE executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders earlier in the week, “With a little bit of everything and a blast from the past. Executive producers Peterson and Souders admitted to re-watching the pilot and several other episodes to make sure they incorporated as much of the original mythology established in SMALLVILLE to give the series a heart-warming send off.  Knowing that their job is not to end the Superman story, they instead embraced the idea of gently merging the world of SMALLVILLE with the overall Superman mythology.  Their job was to build the bridge in the finale, not close the book.  The finale will be more of a hand-off between the two worlds – for the story of Clark Kent and Superman is, after all, just beginning. So look for some long-lost familiar faces to pop-up and some long awaited iconic moments to finally be fulfilled.”

Care to share any of the fun stuff planned for cul-du-sac crew’s very Hawaiian vacation coming up on COUGAR TOWN? —Mandy
The TV Addict: While there is plenty of hilarity — complete with the Hawaiian version of “Penny Can” and the return of SCRUBS’ Mr. Smithers equivalent Ted “Unlucky in love” Buckland — what fans will really take away from the cul-du-sac crew’s upcoming hour-long May 25th vacation is the emotional fork in the road Jules and Grayson inexplicably encounter. One that will be eerily reminiscent of a certain relationship struggle Courteney Cox’s Monica went through during her FRIENDS years.

Any word on who is reportedly becoming a father on HOUSE? —Raja
The TV Addict: Once again, since we’re not in the business of really spoiling the countless hours of painstakingly hard work both the cast and creative team of HOUSE put into each episode — which by the way continues to be one of our most beautifully shot shows on the small screen — we’ll simply tease this: As a result of an old friend showing up at Thirteen’s doorstep with a big, bloody problem, Thirteen and Chase will… for the first time… get physical. Very Physical.

Is Nikita really dead? — Steven
The TV Addict: If you seriously think that the show would kill off its titular character, there is a bridge in Brooklyn we’re interested in selling you! That said, just to give you an idea as to how off-the-hook tonight’s shocking season finale of NIKTA is (And yes, you heard us correctly CW, season finale), we should probably warn you: A series regular will die at the hands of a somewhat perturbed Amanda… who to put it mildly… has not taken to being left in the dark by Percy well. Not well at all.

Anything on my favorite COVERT AFFAIRS character Auggie? — Donna
The TV Addict: Following up on TVLine’s recent scoop that had Auggie being sent to “an as-yet-undisclosed international location off the continent,” we are thrilled to be able to reveal the identity of said undisclosed location. Auggie, posing as a music journalist, is headed to Istanbul, where in typical Auggie fashion he’ll catch the eye of a beautiful Lufthansa flight attended named Franka who will of course be much more than she first appears to be.

Any chance you know who wins tonight’s second-annual Paintball extravaganza on COMMUNITY? — Richie
The TV Addict: Alas, the winner of tonight’s much-anticipated match is being kept tightly under wraps. But, in an effort to ensure readers don’t click away empty handed, we thought we’d share with you the identity of two of tonight’s unexpected guest stars, which as you can see from the spoiler photo below are being kept under slightly-less tight wraps.

Additional Reporting by Tiffany Vogt

  • Why are Laurie and Travis at Greendale?!?!?

  • I don’t remember where, but I saw another spoiler photo of Laurie and Travis at Greendale paintball recently.

  • So what you’re saying is that you visit other websites outside of this one?!

  • I only did it once! That site didn’t mean anything to me! This website has always been the one. I saw ‘Community spoilers’ and I clicked. I wasn’t thinking. I was weak and easily seduced.

  • Brownat

     So i was thinking that the person being shot on Bones would be Hodgins or Sweets but not Nigel. He’s not even a big part of Bones. I was neither reaching for tissues or sad for the most part… I was more excited to see Tina Majorino on the show than anything…

  • Miahouserteam1

    I think Chase / Thirteen will be an awesome couple!