• Pilot Pickuppalooza: CBS picks up J.J. Abrams/Michael Emerson Drama, Kat Dennings sitcom.
• Interesting: 5 hit shows that survived a Charlie Sheen-esque casting shuffle.
• BONES post-mortem: Ryan Cartwright on Vincent Nigel Murray’s you know what!
• Refreshingly Candid Alert! Syfy explains to fans why STARGATE UNIVERSE couldn’t go on.
• From the Department of News that We’d Be Far More Excited About Had We Seen a Single Frame of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER… Sarah Michelle Gellar’s RINGER pilot gets picked up by CBS the CW.

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  • Charles Carmichael

    Dear TV Addict, I’m telling you, that you must watch Buffy! I have been a hardcore tv addict for years and years. The show that started it all? You guessed it, BUFFY! Still to this day, it remains my favorite show of all time!

  • Charles, If it helps, I do have the box set sitting on my DVD shelf. Perhaps it will be my summer project. That or SIX FEET UNDER, which is also on my bucket list!

  • Kelly

     I second the recommendation. I am shocked that you haven’t seen it yet. Summer project: BUFFY first, SIX FEET UNDER next…

  • Nick

    Ha, ha…you said that last summer.  🙂

    Buffy’s one of the top five series of all time, but Vampire Diaries has certainly put in a bid to compete.