Lisa Edelstein VS. HOUSE Producers: We Take Sides!

As you no doubt already heard Dr. Cuddy is checking out of Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

So just what is the reason Lisa Edelstein is abandoning her millions of fans by opting to not return for what is being billed as HOUSE’s eighth and very likely final season? Unfortunately, with both FOX and NBC Universal declining to comment, details are sketchy at best. Of course that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from speculating that Edelstein’s exit — like virtually everything else in Hollywood — had come down to the all mighty dollar. Or in the case of HOUSE — which was most certainly renewed by Fox (via Producer NBC Universal) at a decreased licensing fee following a low-rated seventh season, lack there of.

And while the original intention of this post was to lay out our argument for whose side we are on: The millionaire actress (who tweeted her disappointment in the way things worked out from Europe!) or the billionaire network and studio (Both of which have made a mint of the not-so-good Doctor). We invariably found ourselves channeling our disappointment and frustration over the “business” aspect of “show” into some advice for the biggest loser in all of this: The loyal fans.

For those of you, and there are many, who made a point to be in front of your small screen each and every Monday night at 8PM for the better part of the past seven season, we just wanted to take this opportunity to say: Enjoy Monday’s upcoming season finale of HOUSE while you can. Suffice it to say, as someone who still has a sour taste in their mouth following the painfully lacklustre final season that was GILMORE GIRLS minus creator/showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino (who couldn’t come to terms with Warner Bros. Television) we can assure you that, regardless of what happens, be it good or bad, HOUSE will never be the same.

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  • wow

  • Lisa’s worked has been great throughout the series, however her character has been suffering for the past few seasons.

    Before they decided to hook “Huddy” up, she was pushed in the background. Then during last season’s finale, it happened.

    Personally, I thought it was too late to pull that trigger. That ship sailed after they did the fake-out/hallucination. 

    This season has been terrible, and Cuddy is a big reason. She’s turned into the most unlikable character on the show (besides Taub, of course).

    I’m happy for Lisa that she’s putting her foot down, and I’m happy for the show who’s struggling creatively.

    The problem is how the Season finale (which was shot before this news came out) paves her departure…if anything! 

  • Anonymous

     Team Lisa Edelstein all the way. The network br(ass) are totally and completely to blame for mistreating a loyal, fantastic actress who has worked her butt off for this show from promoting it to supporting even the lamest plot lines despite herself (Lucas???). I am proud of Lisa Edelstein for standing up for herself and refusing to accept a pay cut and fewer episodes (yet another pay cut) while Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard were exempted. Bull shit call by Network execs to save a few bucks at the expense of integrity, fair play and propriety. Karma happens, guys. You’re just seeing the beginning of it. It’s called backlash!

  • Glifin65

     Team Lisa!

  • Alisonsaccount

     Oh, Gilmore Girls – what a trainwreck that was.   Totally unwatchable.    The last year of X-Files – ditto.   

    House won’t be the same show, and I am a huge Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy fan and totally support her move, but I do think this is survivable.   The show is about one miserable self-destructive character and this is more fuel for the fire.  I am just interested to see how they handle it and what that tells us about what the vision for the show is.   Is House going to continue to spiral downward into total destruction or is there going to be some kind of, for want of a better word, salvation?   Is the ultimate vision dark or hopeful?   

  • Fan

    RSL got same $ offer as last year.

    Lisa, instead, got a pay cut.

    OF COURSE she can’t accept. She did more for this show than RSL, it’s not fair.

    She did the best thing leaving!!

  • Gabi

    Of course that RSL got the same offer.. I’m told that he’s barely in the show, so I guess his salary is less that one who is constantly. Or Since he’s barely in the show, they don’t need to cut his fee.

    You have to compare the situation with the actors who are as much as Cuddyy for example, Foreman. Omar accepted the paycut. Chase, Jesse S. hasn’t signed yet, so I suppose he’s thinking as well, or go Omar’s way or go Lisa’s way.