Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, SONS OF ANARCHY, THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES & More!

Since you shamelessly took it upon yourself to whip the entire BONES fandom into a frenzy by tweeting out that you had the chance to see tonight’s much-anticipated finale a day early, I am dying to know… your reaction? — Amy
The TV Addict: Truthfully… still processing… can’t function… Hannah… returns… just kidding… But seriously folks, outside of a corner office working at Entertainment Weekly, there is pretty much nothing you could offer me that would entice me to ruin the multiple surprises in store for BONES fans tonight.

Will telling you that you’re 33.2% better looking than Micahel Ausiello earn me any BONES scoop in terms of the show’s central “will-they-or-won’t-they” question? — Bella
The TV Addict: Despite the fact that statistics have actually proven that we are in fact 43.2% better looking than Michael Ausiello, we will aqueous to your sucking up — which by the way we give you a solid B- for — by offering up one tantalizing tease: BONES mastermind Hart Hanson knew what he was doing when he named tonight’s episode “The Change in the Game.” Not only would we not have in a million years predicted the direction the show is headed, we can pretty much guarantee BONES will never be the same.

How much, if any role does last week’s death of Vincent Nigel Murray play into tonight’s episode? — Montana
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, due to the self-contained procedural nature of BONES, the fact that the Jeffersonian gang barely acknowledges the shocking events of last week’s episode — with the exception of one incredibly touching gesture — is our only quibble with tonight’s season ender.

In spite of my affection for seeing WEEDS’ Nancy Botwin all tied up, I’m somewhat curious as to how she’s going to get out of police custody when the show returns. And ideas? — Billy
The TV Addict: Not so much ideas as photographic proof, that when WEEDS returns this June 27th, Nancy Botwin will most definitely get to experience the sweet smell of freedom. What’s more, if this just obtained spoiler pic (above) is any indication, she’ll be experiencing it in the Big Apple!

Has any news leaked from today’s CW Upfront with regards to the upcoming new seasons of GOSSIP GIRL, THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES, NIKITA and SUPERNATURAL? — AJ
The TV Addict: If by news, you mean these tiny morsels of scoop courtesy of this just released CW press release, well enjoy.

GOSSIP GIRL: Season Five will open in the City of Angels when a reenergized Chuck and Nate decide to pay Serena a visit.  Back home, Blair learns that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain, and Dan discovers the ramifications of writing candidly about his closest friends.  Finally, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the van der Woodsen family from within.  Watch out Upper East Siders, this season nobody’s safe, and everybody’s going to be sorry….XOXO, Gossip Girl. 

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Season three opens the door to learn more about Klaus and The Original Family as his motives for wanting Stefan on his side are finally revealed.  As Stefan sinks deeper into the dark side, Damon and Elena struggle with the guilt of their growing bond even as they work together to bring Stefan back from the edge.  The ghosts from Jeremy’s past have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him, not to mention the impact they’re having on his relationship with Bonnie. And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families. 

NIKITA: When NIKITA returns for its butt-kicking second season, Nikita and Michael are on the run with a hard drive containing the government’s darkest secrets and conspiracies.  Together, they are going to right the wrongs that Division has committed over the years, one mission at a time.  But leading the hunt for them this time is Alex…and she knows all of Nikita’s tricks. 

SUPERNATURAL: Now, in season seven, the Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.  They’ll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless.  All they’ll have is each other.  And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.

Any word on what fans can expect when SONS OF ANARCHY returns this Fall? — David
The TV Addict: Since Kurt Sutter, SONS OF ANARCHY’s brilliant albeit incredibly intimidating showrunner scares the bejesus out of us, all we’re willing to spill — assuming of course your name isn’t Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle —is that according to sources, the fourth season premiere includes an engagement and a wedding.

Is there any chance COVERT AFFAIRS plans on shedding some much needed light on how Auggie lost his sight?
The TV Addict: Funny you should ask, because we just uncovered some intel that points to the sixth episode of COVERT AFFAIRS second season entitled, “Half a World Away” being an Auggie-centric one that will have him reliving the mission in Iraq that left him blind.

Any idea as to what fans can expect from PRETTY LITTLE LIARS this summer? — Jessica
The TV Addict: Life in Rosewood continues to be tense with the disappearance of Ian’s body as the girls are sent to therapy to get to the root of their dramatic accusations.  The only bright spot is that despite pressure to keep away from each other, Spencer and Toby remain determined to make their young romance work – which won’t be easy as they discover they are two very different people.  The path to true love is filled with good intensions, but real life makes it feel more like a bed of thorny roses.

So excited for the return of ROOKIE BLUE, any scoop? — Michael
The TV Addict: Detective Andy McNally comes face-to-face with two of her biggest fears in the 2nd season – one which challenges her physically and the other which challenges her emotionally.  As if putting her life on the line in the field is not enough, Andy is asked to endure the impossible at the office: her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend just transferred in.  

Not so much of a question but a statement: I would love to know who will be the next boss of Dunder Mifflin Sabre — Amanda
The TV Addict: So would too! Thus, in lieu of actual information we thought we’d offer up a first look at some of the celebrity cameos candidates who you’ll meet in tonights episode, including Warren Buffett, Will Arnett, Jim Carrey and Ray Romano.

Additional Reporting by Tiffany Vogt and Amrie Cunningham