Did Hart Hanson Just Give the MOONLIGHTING Curse the Middle Finger?

As advertised, last night’s season finale of BONES lived up to its namesake by offering up one helluva of a “Change in the Game.” But is it the change the doctor ordered? Well, that’s the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question we’ve been scratching our head over following numerous re-watches of that doozy of a final scene.

(Note: Now would be the time to stop reading if you have yet to watch last night’s episode!)

Brennan is pregnant with Booth’s baby?!

Despite Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy which probably should have served as the tip off, we’re somewhat embarrassed to admit that we did not see that coming. What’s more, at least judging from the both positive (“OMG! OMG! OMG!”) and negative (“Kind of leaves me with an unsettling feeling…”) reactions we’ve been reading across Twitter, Facebook and the various entertainment-related sites we frequent, we’re not the only ones.

So how do we feel about said aforementioned change in the game? Quite frankly, we’re not 100% sure. On the one hand, as someone who has invested countless hours into this will-they-or-won’t-they, we’d be lying if we didn’t fess up to feeling somewhat robbed by the complete and utter lack of intimacy, build-up, and/or incredibly steamy make-out session in an elevator between Brennan and Booth. On the other, this may be the smartest move creator Hart Hanson has made since casting Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as his leads.

MOONLIGHTING curse, be damned! As you may-or-may-not recall from last November’s Canadian Film Centre’s Test Pattern Series in which Hanson himself revealed that, “The trick was to figure out how to replace the unrequited sexual tension between two people with something else of equal power” This smarter than the average showrunner — in one fell swoop — just succeeded in completely shifting the focus from whether or not Booth and Brennan can make it as a couple, to how on earth are these two going to raise a baby!

And while we don’t pretend to know how this particular change in the game will play out in the long run, of this we are sure: We already know where we’ll be sitting Thursday nights come Fall at 9PM following THE X FACTOR… anxiously waiting to find out what happens next.

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  • I just want Booth and Brennan to kiss a whole lot more. They are having a baby.  

  • annabella57

    I thought the storyline for the finale was brilliant.
    Mind you, this season had me cursing under my breath over Hannah entering the picture, but I held out knowing “eventually’ they (B/B…who were meant to be) would fall into each other’s arms.
    I love the undertones…nothing overplayed, sublte innuendos which lead to everyone saying to themselves ‘what just happened here”… 

    I love that fact H/H did not show their (B/B) first time together…With nothing left to the imagination anymore, and television and movies making sex a “public viewing” event I was most impressed with the way this scene was handled.You may say I am “old fashioned” or what I would prefer to be called is “of a sound mind”, preferring to leave sex in the bedroom with consenting adults where it belongs…After 6 years of a relationship built upon trust, love and devotion, their private moment (Booth and Brennan), was not cheapened like the earlier episodes of Season 6 involving Booth and Hannah being filmed, in bed,applauding the satisfaction of the act, not the depth of their love…Hats off to a great episode Hart Hanson…and to a fantastic season 6…
    Looking foward to Season 7 and seeing what you have up your sleeve now…

  • ayelet

    But the thing is we don’t care how those to are gonna raise a baby. We’ve been waiting for six seasons just to see them together. Who cares about babies? It’s an easy way out..but I wouldn’t call it smart.
    The thing I worry about the most is – them wanting to even be together. Are they going to platonically raise a baby? ‘Cause from the looks of it they slept together but didn’t want to be together. With last week’s episode we can make excuses like – they were confused, but this week? Two weeks have passed and they went right back to working together. Do they still love each other? Do they want to be together?
    Plus – Booth is gonna have another baby, out of marrige to a different woman? This is so not traditional Booth at all.
    I don’t like it and I know a lot of fans are disappoinet and feel cheated. :/

  • Roxannarrieta

    i loved how they just tossed that at us it was great, its a step towards them getting together. i just loved it, cant wait to see what happens next season 

  • Ace

    Did it bother anyone else that Vincent Nigel-Murray wasn’t mentioned once?  Poor guy was JUST murdered where they work and no one seemed affected at all.  So strange.

  • It bothered me, but didn’t surprise me. BONES has always been incredibly self-contained, which to its credit is part of the secret of it’s success.

  • I assumed that’s why vincent was one of the middle names of the baby?

  •  Toodles.

  • Kelly

    Now, without reading a single thing today and trying to stay as far away from anything that might have given this away, cause I really did not want to be spoiled about “The Change in the Game” I only have one question: Am I seriously the only one who saw this coming the entire episode long? The drawn out looks between B and B, Bones’ continual questions/judgments on children and what would happen if “Buck and Wanda” had a child…and I think that’s why I’m a little letdown about the finale. I wanted there to be some sign of romance or something…but I completely saw the whole baby thing coming. I’ll admit, I didn’t see it coming before this episode, but this last hour, was a dead giveaway to me.

    On a side note, Vincent as one of the middle names was definitely a sweet send-off, but I am a little surprised that there was NO other mention of the former squint…

  • Cynthia585

    On my part, I thought it was a good finale. I read most of the interviews Hart and Stephen made after the finale and I must say you should read them too. It give a good insight on where they were going with the episode and further down the road. 

    Don’t forget that Hart knew the news about Emily pregnancy way way before us, which means he knew how he was going to include that into the show. This was in no way a rushed decision. Even, he told EW that this was in  the script even before he knew a Emily pregnancy!

    Secundo, if you were paying attention you probably realized that 4 weeks have passed since last episode.  Angela was two weeks before her due date in the last episode and in the finale she was two weeks late. That means there was close to a month between the death of Vincent and the finale. I guess everyone mourns their own way, but in a month most of them probably weren’t so sad anymore, they moved on.

  • Q. Jade

     And yet you watched the S5 and S6 finales… despite hating the S4 one. Love it or hate it (maybe those are the options with this show), Bones is doing something right.

  • Angel B

    I loved the finale and agree that we didn’t need to see the actual consumation which would have cheapened the moment. I am concerned that season 7 is going to be all about highlighting the reasons that b&b don’t work as a couple rather than them growing closer. other than loving glances it appears the writers are scared to bring any romance into the relationship. BTW I thought Angela said she was 2 days overdue not 2 weeks which would have made the time frame a little over 2 weeks from the previous episode.

  •  I’m old-fashioned too. Still after Hannah and Booth in bed, it would have been so much more satisfying to see some love and passion between Booth and Brennan. We saw it in a dream, but that’s just not enough.

    I sure hope he’ll make it up to us in Season 7.