Best Ending We Saw Coming a Mile Away: Just how hot was Will and Alicia’s longer-then-expected elevator ride on Tuesday’s season finale of THE GOOD WIFE? So hot, that not even the far-too-revealing teases could ruin what may have in fact been the most satisfying season ender of 2011.

Best Ending We Didn’t See Coming: Note to Showrunners not willing to put their opus’ central couple together for fear of diluting viewer interest. Keep delivering edge-of-your-seat episodes like Andrew Marlowe’s marvellous CASTLE season ender and you won’t be hearing a peep from us. Seriously. Still reeling.

Biggest Shocker: That we were too busy concentrating on whether or not BONES’ Hart Hanson would have the cajones to finally put Booth and Brennan together that it didn’t even occur to us that he would write Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy into the show!

Biggest Shocker, Daytime Division: Two of the most complained-about (and seemingly entrenched) soap writers in recent memory were ousted. In a one-two punch, GENERAL HOSPITAL announced that Mob-lovin’ scribe Bob Guza was out, and a day later, DAYS OF OUR LIVES said that RoboRafe creator Dena Higley had also been replaced!

Best Performance By A Former Brat Packer: While many speculate that Catherine Tate will be the new OFFICE boss come fall, we loved the idea of James Spader’s off-kilter alter ego getting the top slot.

Biggest Regret: Not tuning into Thursday’s two-part season finale of THE MENTALIST, which based entirely on our Twitter feed’s reaction to Red John’s reveal will be something that we hope to revisit sometime in the not-to-distant future.

Oddest Story: In a span of a few days, former REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY star Danielle Staub went from working as a full-on stripper to seeking help from reality-star shrink Dr. Drew.

Ploy Most Likely To Work On Our Own Contributor, CT: Upon learning that The CW would be offering a Bingo-like came called CWingo as a way to get viewers to watch ads, CT dashed out to buy himself a series of multi-colored blotters.

Least Shocking Development: THE BACHELORETTE’s Ashley Herbert claims to be “blown away” by the hotties vying for her attention. Because the show is so well known for casting unattractive dudes.

Most Delusional: MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner — who says such 60’s-themed shows as THE PLAYBOY CLUB and PAN AM owe their pick-ups to his show — seems to think he’s the first person to have set a show during that decade.coughAMERICANDREAMScoughw

Biggest Letdown: Quick! What’s the only thing more disappointing than HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s season finale, which punctuated an incredibly uneven season with a predictable pregnancy for Marshall and Lily coupled with the not-so-shocking reveal that Barney was in fact the man about to walk down the aisle? How about the almost unforgivable fact that not only did we fail to get a clue to who the titular mother is, but if fans want one, they’ll have to shell out hard earned cash for it! Said co-creator Craig Thomas in an interview with, ““There’s an exclusive clue in the season 6 DVD that will be released in September… There’s a longer version of a scene from last night’s finale on the DVD that gives you a little more information about the actual moment Ted meets the mother. That’s DVD only. I realize I sound like a salesman saying that. It’s just true.”

  • So many awesome finales this week, and I didn’t think I would ever say this, but The Mentalist’s was the best.

    Bones, I expected that. Castle, I loved the finale, but it’s not like the person shot will stay dead (to avoid spoilers). How I Met Your Mother, I didn’t particularly like it, but I saw way too much support for it online. I loved The Good Wife, as usual, but during the last few minutes, all I could think was please don’t get caught. For all his flaws, for some reason I’d like Peter to go on and become Governor or whatever. And then maybe even a failed Presidential bid.

  •  Matthew Weiner really? I agree TV Addict coughAMERICANDREAMScough. Like Mad Men is the first retro series around here