Faux Your Emmy® Consideration: THE MIDDLE’s Eden Sher

With the deadline for 2011 Primetime Emmy® Nominations fast approaching, one of the things you may-or-may-not have begun to notice across “industry” websites such as Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are “For Your Consideration” ads. And while we certainly are the first to applaud any attempt on behalf of either the Networks or Studios to shine the spotlight on deserving talent both in front and behind of the camera involved in some of your and our favorite shows, we couldn’t help but find ourselves somewhat underwhelmed with the tone of the ads. Which is why, we here at theTVaddict.com thought it might be fun to take a stab at concocting a few slightly tongue-in-cheek advertisements of our own, starting with the always deserving star of THE MIDDLE Eden Sher.

Editor’s Note: Giving credit where credit is due, the “Faux Your Emmy Consideration” title was the brainchild of Twitter Follower @WriterWarrior