Faux Your Emmy® Consideration: TWO AND A HALF MEN

Yesterday, theTVaddict.com kicked off our “Faux Your Emmy® Consideration” series (Also known as our take on how Networks and Studios might wish to consider campaigning for 2011 Emmy® nominations on behalf of their shows and actors) by shining the spotlight on THE MIDDLE star Eden Sher. Today, we continue doling out free advice for Warner Bros. Television properties by offering up our take on how TWO AND A HALF MEN might wish to position itself for award consideration. Oh, and on the off chance co-creator Chuck Lorre is reading this, no need to thank us, a Vanity Card shout-out to theTVaddict.com will suffice.

Editor’s Note: Giving credit where credit is due, the “Faux Your Emmy Consideration” title was the brainchild of Twitter Follower @WriterWarrior

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  • Nick

    The Emmy “Acah-dem-ay” should be so embarrassed for giving Sheen four prior acting nominations, when it’s so clear there’s zero “acting” going on.  The tool played his own trashy self on-screen for all those years.

    I know I’m embarrassed FOR the Emmy voters, who clearly are clueless.