Start Spreading the News: It’s Time for GLEE to Hire an Actual Writing Staff

On last night’s season finale of GLEE, the gang from New Directions took Manhattan. Unfortunately, they left logic and reason back in Lima Ohio.

Note to writers Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy (pictured above): When it comes to your hit Fox show, we’re willing to forgive an awful lot. So if we’re expected to believe that New Directions — which has spent the better part of two seasons trying to make Nationals would leave it until the VERY LAST MINUTE to write, not to mention choreograph and costume an original song — so be it! If you want us to buy into Mercedes and Sam as a couple — who at last count have shared, what… two scenes together — fine! That said, we have to draw the line somewhere and what we are completely and unwilling to look past is last night’s absurd opening scene that had Rachel Berry — who we’re fairly confident could hit a high note before she could take her first step — buy 13 tickets to Broadway’s Cats, a show that even Quinn knew closed 11 years ago! Suffice it to say, it’s precisely that type of lazy and mindless writing that has us wondering if penning 22 episodes of GLEE per season has simply become too much of a burden for three people to bare.

Look, we get it. As anyone who follows Kevin Williamson’s Twitter feed can attest, writing a season’s worth of television is a soul-crushing, time-consuming and sleep-preventing exercise. So much so that we’re not even going to pretend to imagine the amount of time demanded by a show that doesn’t just involve incredibly complex production numbers, but a seemingly never-ending parade of memorable one-lines as well.

What we will do is ask the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Has the time come for GLEE to hire an actual writing staff? Are writers Ian Brennan, Brad Flachuk and Ryan Murphy too busy approving those special edition gold-plated GLEE lunchbox to take the time necessary to dream up coherent plots and believable characters? If last night’s lacklustre season finale, coupled with an equally uneven sophomore season has illustrated anything, the answer is a resounding yes. Agree, disagree, post away.

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  • So glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Love Glee but they have failed to capture my attention this season. They keep using the same plot over and over.

  • Completely agree. The entire episode had me cringing. The only thing that excited me was seeing the Gershwin and the sets for Wicked. The rest was terrible.

  • Anonymous

    There are just no words anymore. I spent the majority of last night abusing my caps lock as I discussed the episode with a friend. It literally exhausted me how angry I was at all the inconsistencies. I know, from the very beginning, that we are supposed to suspend reality. BUT COME ON. Hire a FREAKING WRITING TEAM who can keep track of everything and write characters that MAKE SENSE.

    God I’m going to need another anxiety pill again….

  • Ggny

    Glee stopped caring about storylines at the end of last season…All they care about now is selling Itunes singles

  • Mal

    Maybe if they hired a real writing staff, we’d have some continuity between plot lines and characters week to week, plus some more character growth. Plus, we could rotate characters a little more so that I can’t count on one hand the number of story lines Mercedes has had this season!

  • I love the songs on Glee, but the writing is literally the worst I’ve ever seen on ANY show. And I’ve come across some stinkers. The characterisation is appalling and laughably inconsistent. If they hired an actual decent team of writers, combined with the amazing musical talents that the cast have, it could be one of the best shows around. At the moment, it’s a bit of a joke.

  • Nick

    “Yeah!”  (shakes fist in mock show of caring one iota)

  • Mario Fahed

    Absolutely. You’re ruining this show.

  • Abby

    Agree!  I have a bunch of episodes on my DVR unwatched; can’t seem to make myself watch them.  I planned to get through this season and then quit but I kinda wonder what’s the point?

  • They didn’t heed the similar wakeup call between s1 and s2. I doubt they will this time either. Not when the least effort is still paying off. 

  • AliciaJo

    The title made me lol then crushed my soul since it’s so true. 

    As a person who actually watched Popular back in the day I knew that Glee would never be a well written show that made sense.  But I just watch for the singing and even lately I’ve been fast-forwarding through most of those moments.

  • losermind


  • Not to toot my own horn or anything, but…

  • Mel

    Don’t you think this is all rather redundant considering they announced some time ago that they are hiring a writing team for the 3rd season this June and they have continued to talk about all this week?