Faux Your Emmy® Consideration: CASTLE

With the 2011 Emmy® nominations just around the corner, theTVaddict.com continues our “Faux Your Emmy® Consideration” series of ads (Also known as our take on how Networks and Studios might wish to consider campaigning for 2011 Emmy® nominations on behalf of their shows and actors) by shining the spotlight on a show that will very likely see little to no Emmy love: CASTLE.

Simply put, if acting like you have yet to succumb to the charm that is Nathan Fillion isn’t worthy of recognition, we’re not sure what is!

Editor’s Note: Giving credit where credit is due, the “Faux Your Emmy Consideration” title was the brainchild of Twitter Follower @WriterWarrior

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  • Haha, I love it!

  • Abby

    Loving these 🙂  Esp. The Middle one.  That show never gets enough love.

  • Cyntheav

    SOOO True.  Nathan is so truly charming, and Richard Castle is not bad, himself.  The writing, acting and production on this show is top notch.  It’s too bad that the Emmy’s will ignore it yet again, just because it falls between categories. 

    Time for a NEW category?????

  • Charlotte

    Um, what about Stana Katic? She’s definitely ALSO worthy of recognition, since her acting is AMAZING! Let me remind you of her acting, in the season finale of season 3. Why’s she left out?