Sink Your Teeth into this First Look at TRUE BLOOD’s Season 4 Promo Art

true blood season 4 poster

Just in time to stave off those end of TV season blues comes a very timely reminder by HBO — in the form of three incredibly hot promo posters — that TRUE BLOOD Season 4 premieres on Sunday, June 26 at 9PM.

true blood season 4 poster

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  • Ggny

    The Pam,Jessica,Jason one is weird have those 3 ever been in a scene together? Maybe this season will feature them 3 together alot which would be awesome

  • The one with Jason, Pam and Jessica seemed too photoshop-y compared to the other two.

  • At the time of posting this, the second photo seems to be repeated.

  • My bad, fixed! Thanks for the heads up