GLEE! GAME OF THRONES! LAW & ORDER: SVU! The TV Addict Week in Rewind

Best Return: VH1 announced they’d ordered 60 new episodes of the classic show POP UP VIDEO. (Wait, do people still make videos?)

Best Send-Off: While one never relishes seeing a talented actor such as Harry Lloyd loses the job security that comes with nabbing a role on a high profile cable series like GAME OF THRONES, if you gotta go… you might as well go in unforgettable fashion at the not-so-understanding hands of Khal Drogo. RIP Viserys Targaryen.

Worst Send-Off: If the idea behind GLEE’s Big Apple [Mis]-Adventure was to ensure fans wouldn’t miss the show while it’s off on summer hiatus, well, mission accomplished.
Most Embarrassing Display: One week into filming in Italy, the cast of JERSEY SHORE have already proved themselves to be the very definition of ugly Americans.

Dios Mio!: Telemundo surprised industry watchers by announcing they’d actively campaign to have their boffo novella — LA REINA DEL SUR (QUEEN OF THE SOUTH) — and its luminous star, Kate del Castillo, considered for primetime Emmy nominations!
The “Time To Call It Quits” Award Goes To… : The LAW & ORDER franchise. With the retooled L.A. version a bust and Christopher Meloni reportedly checking out of the showing-its-age SVU, it may be time to bid adieu to the best crime series in recent TV history.
Most Predictable Outrage: Gee, did anyone think the Parents TV Council would say, “You know, Britney and Rihanna really rocked that performance of S&M at the Billboard awards!” 
Best Reason To Locate Current-TV On Your Dial: Beginning August 1, Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) will host a series called 50 DOCUMENTARIES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE on the channel best known for its hiring of former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.

Most Out Of Touch Executive: Brian Frons, head of daytime for ABC, told USA Today that “serials for the most part are Baby Boomer programs, and as Boomers age out of the key selling demographics, we need to look at alternatives.” Twitter immediately exploded with Boomers telling their despised nemesis exactly what he could do with “alternatives” THE CHEW and THE REVOLUTION.

Best Title Ever: Thanks to an absolutely hilarious season finale littered with memorable one-liners (Reasoned Penny “I made a big mistake.  I panicked.  I mean I’m an independent woman and everything but no matter how hard you sing to Liz Phair or how many women’s surf camps you go to, when the chips are down, you’re going fake fiance.”) , coupled with a surprise second season renewal by ABC, does any show continue to live up to its namesake like HAPPY ENDINGS?

Worst Title Ever: Okay, quick, someone tell us what ABC’s new series G.C.B. is about? Yeah, thought not.

Most Likely To Believe His Own Hype: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell loved callin’ Trump out on his ego, but THE LAST WORD’s host has developed a really annoying habit of congratulating himself on predicting everything from The Donald’s dropping out of the presidential race to the world not ending as “predicted” by a crackpot.

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    you tease us about a comment about Bones, but you don’t even discuss the show. Why?