Why Americans Might Have Canada to Thank for HAPPY ENDINGS Happy Ending

Do Americans have Canada to thank for HAPPY ENDINGS somewhat surprising second season renewal? They do if Scott Moore, president of broadcasting for Rogers Media has anything to say about it.

“HAPPY ENDINGS did well in the States but it did really well for us,” revealed a travel-weary Moore during an impromptu state-of-the-network address on the Fan 590 in Toronto following two weeks in Los Angeles evaluating a whole slew of Fall Pilots. “In our first meeting with ABC, our programming guy Malcolm Dunlop asked what they were thinking about HAPPY ENDINGS. Their response, ‘Well, we haven’t decided, it’s on the bubble’.” And he said, ‘Well, if it makes a difference, the season finale did exceptionally well for us’.”

And while Moore was quick to point out that an American show’s success in Canada won’t necessarily save a bomb [see: THE EVENT], it definitely did factor into HAPPY ENDINGS’ renewal equation.

“Later they [ABC] told us it did make a little bit of a difference,” said Moore. “Because if it does well internationally and if they’re looking at whether or not a show is on the bubble and they know they’re going to make a sale to Canada and other places, it helps tip the scales.”

In other-words, score one for Canada… in our continued effort to make up for giving you Justin Bieber.

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