Are Alex and Dave the new Ross and Rachel? HAPPY ENDINGS Star Elisha Cuthbert Spills All!

Before star Elisha Cuthbert took to the stage of Toronto’s Canon Theater to thank Canadian ad buyers for supporting HAPPY ENDINGS during yesterday’s CityTV Upfront, she took to the press room to face the nation [of television critics]. But just what did she have to say about her show’s surprise second season renewal that will see HAPPY ENDINGS air in the pressure fuelled post-MODERN FAMILY timeslot, her character’s relationship status, and of course the future of the long-gestating 24 movie? Find out for yourself after the jump.

Where were you when you heard about the renewal?
Elisha Cuthbert: Where was I? I was in Europe actually with Dion [Cuthbert is dating Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman Dion Phaneuf] for the Worlds [World Hockey Championship]. So I was in Bratislava when I found out. I actually was holding my breath because I had gotten an email from my sister saying that the show had got picked up and she heard about it on Twitter and I didn’t know if I should really believe that so I made a few phone calls to the producers and sure enough, it was accurate. That’s the beauty of Twitter, it’s instant, she knew before I did which is kinda funny.

Looking back on the first season, what was it that initially attracted you to HAPPY ENDINGS?
Well the first initial moment of going, “Wow, this is great, was the dialogue.” It wasn’t just punchline set up punchline joke, the dialogue had a nice fluidity to it and felt true to that voice, that mid 20’s early 30’s voice. And then sitting down with David Caspe, who created the show, I got it because he’s my age so no wonder it sounds so authentic . And when we went into shooting the 12 episodes, our whole writing team was under the age of 35. It really came from this excitement that I’m going to be working with creators and people that are of my age and we’re going to be doing something sort of a little edgier than what was out there.

The recent season finale definitely left the distinct impression that Alex [Cuthbert’s character] and Dave are HAPPY ENDINGS version of FRIENDS’ Ross and Rachel. Do you think there’s a chance the two will get back together next season?
I definitely tried to play it that way, especially for that last episode. There we were, full circle, back surrounded by another wedding again, where Alex is sort of wondering, did she make the right choice? I definitely think she has not lost all her feelings for him and I think that next season, if Dave’s willing, we’ll have to see. That’s the fun part about TV there’s a place for these characters to go and whether they stay together or not it’s going to be kind of a fun ride for the audience..

Does the prospects of airing after MODERN FAMILY scare you?
No it’s exciting. The one hour dramas are great at that 10PM spot, but for a comedy it’s difficult to keep an audience. So to be lucky enough to take over the slot right after MODERN FAMILY, it’s the perfect place for us. I’m just excited. It means more viewers and hopefully it will give us more fans next year.

And since it wouldn’t be an interview with Elisha Cuthbert without at least one reference to the show that made you a household name, we have to ask about your involvement in the much-buzzed about 24 movie in the works?
You know what, I don’t know. There was talks about it, then there wasn’t talk about it. So I’m just sort of at the mercy of whatever they end up doing and when they do it. But no, I’ve got no word yet.

HAPPY ENDINGS returns this Fall on Wednesdays at 9:30PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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  • ivetka

    She was here in Bratislava? Sucks i didnt bump into here, even tough i wouldnt believe its possible for her to be here lol

  • I’m happy the showing is moving after Modern Family. ABC has a lot of faith in this show, and 10:00 p.m. was too late.

  • I’m happy the showing is moving after Modern Family. ABC has a lot of faith in this show, and 10:00 p.m. was too late.