The ABC’s of Summer TV

A IS FOR AMC, which just announced that BREAKING BAD will finally return for its much-anticipated fourth season this July 17th at 10PM.

B IS FOR THE BOYS [AND GIRLS] OF ROOKIE BLUE, Canada’s biggest small screen success story from last summer returns for a second action-packed season this June 23rd on ABC (Global TV in Canada)

C IS FOR CABLE, once the home to movies you already saw in theaters four years ago has now officially been crowned the savior of summer. ABC Family, BBC America, FX, Lifetime, TNT, TV LAND and USA, we salute you.

D IS FOR DEPRESSED, not just as a result of the hiatus many of our favorite shows are on this summer, but also for our inability to subscribe to DirecTV which will unspool DAMAGES fourth season starting this July 13th at 9PM on their “Channel 101.”

F IS FOR FALLING SKIES, TNT’s enthralling and surprisingly addictive — at least based on the first six episode we’ve had the chance to screen — new science fiction offering from Steven Spielberg that chronicles the aftermath of a War of the Worlds-style alien invasion. Simply put, it’s what V should have been.

G IS FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS, which, we sure as heck hope will live up to their billing this summer. Seriously, have you see the CW’s schedule?

H IS FOR HBO, which thanks to the return of TRUE BLOOD (June 26), CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (July 10) and ENTOURAGE (July 24) is shaping up to be worth every penny.

I IS FOR THE INBETWEENERS, BBC America’s version of FREAKS AND GEEKS which returns this June 18th for a third season of awkward and embarrassing situations.

J IS FOR JACKIE EVANCHO, last season’s runner-up winner on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT which returns to NBC (and CityTV in Canada) tonight (Tuesday May 31st) at 8PM.

K IS FOR KING, as in Chloe King, the smart, pretty and offbeat teen whose 16th birthday will take a turn for the well… interesting, when she discovers that she’s part of an ancient race that have been hunted by assassins for millennia. THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING premieres June 14th at 9PM on ABC Family.

L IS FOR LARRY, as in Larry David, who after far too long a hiatus will thankfully return this July 17 for an eight season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM [mis] adventure when he and the gang head to the Big Apple.

M IS FOR MIRACLE DAY, the unexplainable event (premiering July 7th at 10PM on Starz, Space in Canada) that will force TORCHWOOD to team of with the C.I.A. in an effort to save the world from impending doom. Gooooo Team!

N IS FOR NETFLIX, the blessed digital delivery system that — much to our Rogers internet bandwidth cap’s chagrin — we’ll be relying on throughout much of the summer to entertain.

O IS FOR ORDINARY, as in ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. Code Name: ALPHAS, Syfy’s latest scripted series premiering Monday July 11 at 10PM.

P IS FOR PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, Summer’s guiltiest of guilty pleasures that we’re the first to admit we’re far too old to be watching returns this June 14 on ABC Family (MuchMusic in Canada)

Q IS FOR QUINN, as in Aidan Quinn, just one of the many big names (including Martin Short, Lindsay Sloane and Jennifer Jason Leigh) who have signed on for WEEDS’ seventh season which bows this June 27 at 10PM on Showtime.

R IS FOR REPEATS, or as the majority of Network schedulers like to call it, their programming summer “strategy.” Seriously, we’re not the least bit bitter.

S IS FOR SHIRTLESS, the preferred costume of choice for TRUE BLOOD fans, which will see their favorite summer sudser return this June 26th on HBO and HBO Canada.

T IS FOR TELENOVELA-STYLE, the limited-run method of storytelling made popular in Latin America that DEGRASSI will once again put to good use when it kicks off its 11th season this July.

U IS FOR USA NETWORK, or as we like to call it, reason #8 why you shouldn’t cutting your cable just yet thanks to a sizzling summer lineup of premieres which include COVERT AFFAIRS (June 7), WHITE COLLAR (June 7), SUITS (June 32, BURN NOTICE (June 23), ROYAL PAINS (June 29) and NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (June 29).

V IS FOR VINCENT CHASE, who depending on how things play out during ENTOURAGE’s eighth and final season will either next be starring in the sequel to Aquaman or CELEBRITY REHAB.

W IS FOR WILFRED, FX’s upcoming adaptation of an Aussie comedy sees a struggling young man (Elijah Wood) befriend his neighbor’s canine pet. No, we are not making this up, and yes, it may-or-may-not hit a little to close to home.

X IS FOR, See “Y”

Y IS FOR YOU, who we’re hoping can help us find something interesting for the letter ‘X’. Seriously, we got nothing and this ‘alphabet thing’ wasn’t nearly as easy as we made it look.

Z IS FOR ZERO, also known as the number of times we will be flipping on the CW this summer. Ouch!

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  • So you guys don’t plan on giving Teen Wolf a chance? I hope it’s at least watchable. And I will be watching Melissa & Joey, and giving Great State of Georgia a chance.

  • Mal

    They “X” people on America’s Got Talent, don’t they? While I’m not a big reality tv fan, especially shows like that, at least it’s an X… Just a thought.

  • TEEN WOLF was left off the list as a result of some of the not-so-positive buzz I’ve been hearing about the series. That said, I too will be checking out the premiere for myself following Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards.

  • We at the TV Addict site are definitely watching “Teen Wolf” this summer! 🙂

  • We at the TV Addict site are definitely watching “Teen Wolf” this summer! 🙂

  • Okay, good to know thanks for posting the interviews. Do you know of any sites that have actually reviewed the show? I’m very curious.

  • Awesome, thanks so much!

  • Sanen85

    Wait, is True Blood premiering on the 12th or 26th? Also, Melissa & Joey is still on the air? I may have to put it on my DVR due to lack of other options over the Summer. Falling Skies actually looks pretty good and I miss Noah Wyle on my TV every week, so why not? *shrugs*

  • June 12, sorry my bad

  • I just got done watching all three seasons of The Inbetweeners. Pretty awesome!

  • Yeah, Melissa and Joey’s new season starts June 29th.

  • Fng

    T is for True Blood… the best show ever

  • Can’t wait for Curb Your Enthusiasm! Love that show. 

  • Can’t wait for Curb Your Enthusiasm! Love that show.