Wanted: An Exciting New Gig For the Following Actors Five

Elizabeth Mitchell
Previous Experience: V, LOST
Special Skills:: Aside from being an absolutely fearless actor who is capable of elevating virtually anything a writers throws at her (Seriously, did you see her recent guest spot on LAW & ORDER: SVU?), Mitchell is a tireless team player. To the point that she took the time to attend V’s panel at San Francisco’s WonderCon despite the fact that the show so clearly had one foot in the grave.
Game For: Absolutely anything. Although if we had our druthers, we’d love to see Mitchell headline a WEEDS-esque cable drama that would allow her to show off both her dramatic and comedic chops.

Ron Rifkin
Previous Experience: BROTHERS & SISTERS, ALIAS
Special Skills:: Duplicity. Whether he’s lying to a fresh-faced Sydney Bristow with regards to the real purpose of SD-6, or the entirety of the Walker family about their patriarch’s business interests (not to mention his own sexuality) Ron Rifkin’s been there, done that.
Game For: Again, anything. Of course, after five seasons of being criminally misused on BROTHERS & SISTERS, we for one would love to see Rifkin return to his electrifying ALIAS roots should say… NIKITA showrunner Craig Silverstein be on the lookout for a nemesis that is capable of giving Xander Berkeley’s Percy a run for his money. We’re just sayin’

Matt Long
Previous Experience: THE DEEP END, JACK & BOBBY, MAD MEN
Special Skills:: Aside from the fact that the genetically blessed actor inexplicably has yet to age since bursting onto the scene in the brilliant-but-canceled WB series JACK & BOBBY (Yup, still bitter), Long, thanks to a mix of midwestern Kentucky charm and piercing blue eyes, brings with him a demeanour that makes you want to root for him in virtually any role.
Game For: A television gig that lasts more than one season. And since there’s nothing we love more than playing couch potato casting director, the leading role in John Grisham’s reboot of THE FIRM would be the perfect fit. And not just because of the somewhat eery resemblance to Tom Cruise. Okay, maybe a little.

Judy Greer
Special Skills:: As anyone who has seen Greer can attest to, she has a major in scene stealing, with a minor in willingness to do anything for a laugh.
Game For: Any role that doesn’t pigeonhole her into the “best friend.” Seriously, after playing second fiddle to virtually every A-Lister under the sun (See: 13 Going on 30. Don’t See: 27 Dresses), Greer deserves better. Much better.

Bradley Whitford
Special Skills:: Outside of his shocking turn on THE MENTALIST, Bradley Whitford can usually be found fighting (a) for little people, (b) the good fight.
Game For: Well, as THE GOOD GUYS so clearly illustrated, Bradley Whitford really is game for anything. Unfortunately, “anything” hasn’t quite worked out for the actor who has arguably had the least successful post-WEST WING career of any of his fellow White House staffers. Paging a role on Aaron Sorkin’s new cable-centric HBO series, line one.

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  • Saddened that your previous work of Bradley Whitford didn’t reference Studio 60.

  • Gaylesanders

    Add Tim Roth, et al.

  • Anonymous

    Elisabeth Mitchell and Judy Greer definitely need to get back on TV. I like your idea of a Weeds-esque series.

  • BJ

    Imagine a show with all or most of them in it together.

  • Ggny

    now that would be epic…and really it could work Matt Long and Bradley as brother would are married to Judy Greer and Elizabeth Mitchell and Ron Rifkin can play the guys father

    TV networks can thank me later for the pilot idea

  • Nick

    Oh yeah!  Ron Rifkin on NIKITA would rock!  And how ’bout adding Matt Long (and Kelly-freaking-Bishop!) to HART OF DIXIE?  No one could play a southern charmer better than Matt.

    Just thinking about JJ Abrams’ 2 series…Rifkin with the mysterious Rimbaldi “live forever” story…and Lost’s obvious mysteries.  Sure would be nice to wrap those two things together somehow.  Can’t we all agree:  without LOST, this past TV season was pretty meaningless. 

  • Liz

    Matt Long – I’m still mourning the loss of Precinct 17.  I’m still dreaming of a mid-season pickup.

    Bradley was awesome on the Mentalist.  I’m so sad it was only for one ep.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for Elizabeth Mitchell to get to work on a new Santa Clause movie!