An Open Letter to GREY’S ANATOMY’s Remaining Original Cast Members

Dear Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and James Pickens Jr.,

As you may or may-not-have-noticed during your recent trips up and down the red carpet, or when sitting down to interviews with intrepid journalists of both the print and digital variety, there is one question at the forefront of everybody’s mind. That question: Is this your last season on GREY’S ANATOMY?

Now, before you give us the exclusive answer to that very question [Which by the way can be emailed directly to, please note that the purpose of this open letter is in no way to encourage you to remain on the show that turned you into a household name. After-all, unlike some of your colleagues who shall remain nameless (cough*killersmadewhatattheboxoffice*cough) you stuck around for the entirety of your seven year contract. Rather, our objective is only to take this opportunity to respectfully request that you make your intentions public, and soon.

Suffice it to say, it has been a little less than three weeks since GREY’S ANATOMY ended its season and we’ve already had our fill of headlines touting that “[Insert name of your favorite GREY’S ANATOMY star here] is leaving the show!” What’s more, after a string of insanely abrupt exits by big name like Christopher Meloni (LAW & ORDER: SVU), Lisa Edelstein (HOUSE) and most recently of all, Laurence Fishburne (CSI), fans — also known as those little people responsible for the multitude of zeros at the end of your paycheck — deserves the opportunity for their showrunner Shonda Rhimes to craft a proper and fond farewell.

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  • Ace

    I am kind of on the fence about watching House next season And I am by no means a Huddy shipper, but they better figure out a way to get her to give closure. If the season starts and someone just mentions that Cuddy moved, that will be extremely lame.

  • lexy


  • Nik

    And by “craft a proper and fond farewell,” of course, you mean “crash a plane into the hospital, thus killing you all off in horrific fashion.”

  • Adlan01

    Love the email address

  • Amanda

    Agree.  Ellen Pompeo and now Patrick Dempsey’s claim of “no one asked” screams that they are trying to drag negotiations public.  If they really wanted to discuss their status with the show they have agents that would be talking to ABC.

  • Anonymous

    Any character with a Mc in his name needs to go.  Build the show around little Grey, and the younger characters, like the girl from Everwood.

  • Guest

    Oh yes actors, please give Shonda Rhimes advance notice of your departure, because if anyone deserves your (and for that matter, the fans) respect is a woman who has pretty much bloated the Grey’s Anatomy cast to the point where many of the actors (Chambers, Pickens, Wilson and at times Dempsey and Pompeo) have been entirely underused and undervalued, as she waste the few season they “may” have left developing SLs on characters either now gone, or we simply don’t care about, while she takes cheap shots at fans via twitter when they question her about why she continues to do so.  Yes, please let’s show the same respect as this show runner has given both you and us over the past seaval season which is basically none at all.