Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start KILLING!

You don’t get a lot of second chances in this life. Opportunities to rectify a major mistake that you’ve been kicking yourself ever since making. Well, despite the fact that a shameful number of you have neglected to listen to people who know better — yes, we’re talking about ourselves! — the good folks over at AMC are giving viewers a chance to catch up on the best show of the season, THE KILLING.

Correction. They’re not just giving you a chance, they’re basically doing everything in their power short of coming to your individual homes, strapping you to a chair and saying, “People! This is good! Try it, you’ll like it!”

For those not in the know, THE KILLING is an atmospheric mystery centered around one question: Who killed Rosie Larsen? But beyond that, this is genre-defying television. Sure, you could just play armchair detective and try to solve the central crime, but don’t be surprised when you find yourself slipping into psychiatrist mode as you analyze the incredibly complex relationships of the deeply-flawed cast of characters. Or you can just dive into the soapy goodness that is the sexual chemistry between leads Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos. How about political intrigue that, were it occurring in real life, would knock Anthony Weiner’s sexting right off the front page?

No matter what you want, THE KILLING delivers.

So right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Geez, I really should be watching this… but it’s, like, 11 episodes in, and I’d never be able to catch up.”


In an effort to get more eyeballs to their critically acclaimed but viewer-shy drama, AMC has posted the first 11 episodes on-line, meaning that if you start right now, you can catch every minute — including last Sunday night’s much-discussed format-breaking, Emmy-worthy hour — before this week’s airs.

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. In fact, we’re so convinced that you need to take advantage of this chance that if you come back tomorrow, we’ll give you five reasons that you should — no, strike that… must! — be watching when the most buzzed about question since “Who killed Laura Palmer?” is finally answered!

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  • episode 11 was BORING. a typical filler ep, to save some money and prolong the suspense.

  • Anonymous

    I thought episode 11 was great! It gave you a chance to get invested in other characters besides the Larsen Family. I love this show!!!

  • It was a character episode, not a filler ep. When you have a character driven show like this one (seriously, it has been a study of the aftermath of a murder from the start more than a traditional who-done-it) you will get an episode like this which moves the characters to where they need to be mentally as they are nearing the home stretch. I’ve seen the original Danish version and was wondering when the American one would kick it up a gear as far as stress on the investigators go and they finally did it. Not sure if an American audience can appreciate storytelling like that, but it is a good thing to learn to do. 

  • I haven’t seen episode 11, probably because the previous episodes have been so boring due to the focus on the campaign. I actually chose not to watch it because I’ve been so bored.

    Your post intrigues me and makes me wonder if I should go back and check it out, but I’m still rather skeptical.

  • Patty

    I’ve been trying to watch this show.  Really, I have.  And I agree that it is cast with amazing actors and has one of the best written stories.  My problem is that it is almost too real for me.  It makes me so sad to watch it.  Afterward I just feel like I need a a really big hug and a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  But I do agree that it is very good