Good News, Bad News: THE KILLING, THE PLAYBOY CLUB & Charlie Sheen

Good News: AMC has renewed THE KILLING for a second season. Bad News: For the Seattle Board of Tourism, which thanks to the crime-ridden perpetually rain-soaked picture painted by the critically acclaimed freshman series may soon find itself hot on the heels of THE WIRE’s Baltimore as America’s least idyllic vacation destination. [Source]

Good News: Despite being months away from its official premiere, NBC’s THE PLAYBOY CLUB is already making headlines. Bad News: As a result of the network’s Utah affiliate, which earlier in the day announced that they will not air the program because “it promotes a brand [Playboy] that we cannot support.” [Source]

Good News: Charlie Sheen’s impromptu Ustream days may soon be coming to an end. Bad News: Because the actor is reportedly in “deep negotiations” with a major broadcast network to headline a sitcom being written specifically around Sheen. [Source]

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