Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw Offer Their Candid Take on What It Means to Be Kings in the DisneyXD Series PAIR OF KINGS

In the Disney comedy series PAIR OF KINGS, Mitchel Musso and Doc Show play Brady and Boomer, twins who find out when they are 16 years old that they have inherited a remote island kingdom — over which they must rule and find a way to delicately, if not humorously, rule their subjects.
Are you both voluntarily on the island or is it something your characters are required to do?
Mitchel: Voluntarily.
Doc:  We’re kings of this island, so we live there.
Mitchel:  We’re kings, not by choice, but by blood.  We inherited this throne.  Our parents passed away at the beginning of the show and we’re trying to see what it takes to be kings.  That’s the overall plot of the story.  This is our island.  Those are our people.  It’s a great show.  It starts off kind of bumpy ’cause we have no idea what we’re doing, and it will be like that for a while. But I think the second season really opens their eyes.  It was already hard enough to believe that we’re twins, let alone all the rest of what happens on the show.  But the second season sort of ties it all together.  It’s more about us being kings.  All the comedy is still there.  There’s tons of action, romance.  It’s got the whole nine yards.
What kind of message do you think the show sends to your fans?
Doc:  I think the message we are sending for this particular show is that: with great power comes great responsibility.  Not only are we kings of this island, which is a lot of fun, but we have people’s lives in our hands.  We’re ruling an island, a whole kingdom, and we’re trying to make sure that everything stays a float pretty much.  Be mature.  And that’s what you see in Season 2.  We’re definitely more mature than Season 1.  Taking on a bit more responsibility — our overall code on the island is that.

How big is the island and how many people are within the kingdom?
Doc:  We honestly don’t know the measurements of the island.  The island is big enough.  It’s kind of like — I would say like maybe 100,000 islanders, and I would say the island is as big as maybe the main island of Hawaii.
Mitchel:  It’s got a dark side that we didn’t even know about.  So there’s a whole other half island that we didn’t know was there.  We really don’t know how many people are there and what’s over there.

How has being kings made your characters different than other people?
Mitchel:  Yes, I think so.  I guess the nicest word for it is arrogance.  We’re kind of dumbfounded and it gives us that little bit of an attitude, which is funny.
Doc:  But I think you’ll see more maturity this season.  We have lives in our hands.  Being an adult means taking a look at things and making sure things go smoothly.  So you’ll see a different side of the characters.
Are your characters still in high school?
Mitchel:  We’re still go to school in the show, but not too often.  It’s more about other things.  But we still go to school. At the school they train us.  It’s not like regular school.  We learn stuff like how to survive in the jungle, to fight and stuff like that.

What’s been the coolest thing you have been able to do so far on the show?
Mitchel:  All the fireworks and all the stunts, anything that involves the green screen.  Whenever it is in slow motion, you know it’s cool. And we do a lot of green screen.

Is PAIR OF KINGS more a show geared towards a male or female audience?
Mitchel:  I think it is for both, but it’s definitely geared towards boys.
What kind of feedback have you gotten for the first season from the fans?
Mitchel:  The feedback is great.  The show has been doing really, really good.  And it’s nice being recognized as my character.  It’s the same thing all the time when you get involved in a project, obviously that’s going to happen.  But it’s nice.

Is it difficult being recognized as your character?
Doc:  It’s not really that difficult.  I think the show lets us do what we want.  The feedback lets us know what jokes are good, and the fans have been really supportive of the show.  It’s fantastic.

Is the show a tie-in with a videogame?
Mitchel:  I would hope so!  That and a movie that would be awesome.  I don’t know, but I definitely think that the show could be.

Does the show lend itself to a game format?
Mitchel: I guess.  Every week there is something, so I can see how that could definitely make sense to be a game.
Doc:  I know they have different games on the Disney website.  But a video game, I think that would be awesome!

To see more of the trials and tribulations of Brady and Boomer as they hilariously try to be the best kings possible, tune in for PAIR OF KINGS on Monday, June 13th at 8:00 p.m. on DisneyXD.

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