An In Depth Look At… GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Shocking Showdown!

From the moment GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lisa managed to seduce married-man Patrick, fans of the soap have been in a lather over one of the year’s most controversial storylines. “People hate Lisa,” says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “We’re not talking love-to-hate here, but hate-with-the-fiery-passion-of-a-thousand-flames,” he adds with a laugh.

Next week, Port Charles’ least-loved local loon takes things to a whole new level when she decides to confront those she believes did her wrong — remember, she is insane! — by taking them hostage and putting them on trial. “Lisa has escaped from a mental hospital, and she’s completely convinced that people in this town — especially Patrick and Robin — basically conspired to ruin her life. In her eyes, it’s everybody’s fault but her own. And while Patrick is to blame for having slept with her, something which he completely owns as being his fault, the things she’s done since have more than balanced the scales. Lisa has basically waged war on Patrick and his wife for the past six months or more.”

This time, however, things will turn deadly. “Other people get pulled into this mess as well,” says the editor. “When the show first started talking about this story, they referred to it as being like the movie Fatal Attraction. In the next two weeks, that will finally prove true when Lisa’s rampage leaves someone dead.”

To those who’ve been disappointed and even angered by this plot, Simms has one thing to say: “Fans will finally get what they’ve wanted from this storyline,” he says. “Trust me.”

Elsewhere in the issue, the editors of the mag offer newly-appointed headwriter Garin Wolf advice on how to cure what ails the soap that will soon be the last of ABC’s daytime dramas. “It’s never, ever been more crucial that a show right itself,” says Simms. The issue also features an interview with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s sexy troublemaker, Josh Kelly (Cutter), as well as a chat with living legend Anthony Geary about how the life of his GH alter ego, Luke, has been forever changed by alcoholism and the death of his grandchild. And as fans ready themselves for daytime’s big night, In Depth offers a look at who submitted what for Emmy consideration. “I personally watched every one of those reels,” says Simms. “That explains my bloodshot eyes!”

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