Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Tidbits that Really Grind Our Gears!

The Business of Show
Despite the fact that it’s called show business and not show friends for a reason, there is nothing that leaves a sour taste in our mouth more than actors talking about money. Take the Hollywood Reporter’s recent Comedy Actor Emmy Roundtable for example. Did anyone really need to hear how Ed O’Neil and Rob Lowe were aghast over HBO’s insulting offer of a paltry $40,000 for what we’re sure were six long and arduous weeks of work alongside Al Pacino and Bette Middler? We sure as heck didn’t.

Rob Lowe
If the artist formerly known as Sam Seaborn is serious about taking his career to the next level he so richly believes he deserves, announcements like yesterday’s news that has Lowe signing on to play suspected wife killer Drew Peterson in an Lifetime Movie probably isn’t the best way to go about it. Oh sure, Lowe can dress up the movie all he wants (Telling, “These movies aren’t made anymore, and in the last five years, they’re not made on television either — except in very specific places. One of ‘em is Lifetime, and they do it really, really well. So I’m glad they’re makin’ stuff like this, on Lifetime.”), but the fact of the matter is that despite Lifetime’s fairly admirable job of reversing their “Mother, Mother May I Sleep with Danger” brand with high quality shows like DROP DEAD DIVA and ARMY WIVES, at the end of the day, a movie of the week is a movie of the week. A tawdry sex fuelled, scandal filled one that quite frankly, Lowe of all people should not be encouraging. We’re just sayin.

USA, TNT, ABC Family and DirecTV
So what exactly is our beef with four of the biggest reasons TV Addicts have — outside of HBO and Showtime — for not cutting our cable this summer? Simply put, we don’t get them. Which means no WHITE COLLAR, COVERT AFFAIRS, FALLING SKIES, SUITS, NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING and DAMAGES among others. In other words: #FML

Question: What’s the only thing more shocking than Sunday’s insanely unexpected ending to GAME OF THRONES penultimate episode of the season? Answer: Fans complaining about it! Seriously. Rather than crying fowl, fans should be applauding, cheering, and encouraging one of the few times Hollywood actually had the — for lack of a better word — cojones to stick to a creator’s original vision. No matter how bloody shocking it may be.

Stars Negotiation Through the Media
Memo to any media outlet and/or journalist that just ran — or is about to run — a story in which [Insert ridiculously overpaid star here] is hemming and hawing about whether or not to return to [insert aging series here] that made them a household name: You’re being played courtesy of a time honored tradition known as “negotiating through the media.” So unless you’ve thrown in the towel, along with your journalistic integrity and ethics for a percentage of the salary bump Jennifer Lopez’s is sure to see when she inevitably signs onto another season of AMERICAN IDOL,

  • Eileprose

    Agreed! Especially Game of Thrones! If you loved it enough to watch it and read blogs/recaps about it but now you HATE it and are going to abandon it?! We complain about shows being trite but the second they give you wonderfully unexpected you threaten to abandon it? No wonder network TV is full of boring shows!

  • Liz

    USA, TNT, ABC Family and DirecTV
    I know!!! I don’t get them either.  What would I do without MM that gives me some of the stuff on there, and Vampire Diaries from the CW.

    Yeah, and lighten up on Game of Thrones all you haters. You’ve been given a gift.  I’ve read the books, you can’t change something that fundamental to the plot.  I was this shocked when I read it.  And just so you know, hold on to your seats, because there is plenty more to come.   And yay… new book in July.  I’m hoping the existence of the show, makes it more likely that the author will finish the books.

  • CrazyCris B

    Indeed! No one is safe in this show!!!

    And I’m right there with you in hoping that the series will impulse the books a bit faster… 😉

  • CrazyCris B

    Ummm… “cajones” means drawers! :p Switch the A for an O and you’ve got the word you were looking for (unless that was an intentional typo to avoid censure or smthg) 😀

  • Thanks for that!