TRUE BLOOD’s return is sooooo close I can taste it! Any scoop to tied me over? — Rachel
The TV Addict: Well, since Michael Ausiello already beat us to the punch with regards to the same-sex shocker, and we sure as heck aren’t about to spoil the identity of Bon Temps newest Real Estate baron, we’ll simply leave fans with two tantalizing words to tide you over until the show’s June 26 return: Think LOST.

Any word on what fans can expect from the second season of HAWAII FIVE-0? — David
The TV Addict: Taking the literal approach to answering your question, “Romance” would probably be the one word we’d choose to sum up the start of HAWAII FIVE-0’s second season. Particularly because the show’s Producers (or perhaps Network Bigwigs) have seemingly decided that if you can’t beat ’em — them of course referring to timeslot competitor CASTLE — you might as well join ’em. Which is to say, fans should brace themselves for a little island lovefest as Producers begin their search for a thirty-something bombshell to play Alex O’Loughlin’s part-time love interest, full-time Homeland Security Officer Lori Wilson, a character that sources describe as a female McGarrett.

Ridiculously excited for FALLING SKIES. Especially curious as to what the aliens beef is with us poor humans. Any clues? — Jay
The TV Addict: Funny story actually. During our recent visit to the set of the upcoming ABC/Global TV series COMBAT HOSPITAL, we happened to lunch with someone intimately involved with FALLING SKIES which coincidentally enough shot many of their scenes on the very same lot. Much to our surprise, said source was perhaps a little too excited about what’s in store for FALLING SKIES fans, to the point where he actually went as far as to reveal how the season ends! And while we’re not about to spoil that gem, we will say that those pesky arachnid-style aliens who come down to earth to enslave humanity’s youth… well, they might just be the least of the planet’s problems.

Recently you teased that there may be a “bun in the oven” for one member of Vinnie’s ENTOURAGE. Were you being serious? — Bruce
The TV Addict: About as serious as Vinnie is, who we here will soon be shopping for rings of the Karat variety.

Any word on who will be replacing Saffron Burrows on THE FINDER? — Cassie
The TV Addict: No. Although we can confirm that Hart Hanson is currently on the look out to add two new females to the cast, Isabel and Willa. The latter being an ex-con who is forced to work at Leo’s bar as a condition of her parole, with the former playing a Deputy United States Marshall who not only has a history with our hero Walter, but a romantic one at that.

Rumor has it that the central mystery surrounding TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY revolves around how the entire world suddenly stops dying. Of course knowing TORCHWOOD there must be a catch, care to elaborate? — Michael
The TV Addict: It would be our pleasure! The catch is that everybody in the world becomes immune to death… well, with the notable exception of one. Who that person is may-or-may-not surprise you. That said, one thing is for certain, it’s not Oswald Danes (brilliantly portrayed by Bill Pullman) who was scheduled to be executed on Miracle Day.
Any SHAMELESS scoop? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: Fans will be happy to know that when SHAMELESS finally does return, the small screen’s most resourceful family won’t have learned a thing from last season’s ridiculousness. While Lip helps make ends meet by commandeering an Ice Cream Truck to sell, well… anything but, Fiona will do a very poor bad job of putting her past relationships behind her by hooking up with Adam, a 27-year-old MBA who bares more than a passing resemblance to the departed Steve. Oh, and for those who are wondering the status of Ian’s relationship with Kash, you’ll be happy to know that Kash did keep his side of the bargain in terms of getting his beard wife Linda pregnant again. Read into that what you will.

As a huge fan of WHITE COLLAR I’m incredibly concerned that the Nazi U-Boat treasure will be too inciting for Neal. Is there any chance he won’t betray Peter? — Amber
The TV Addict: Truthfully we’re not sure. But if it helps, the decision to turn his back on Peter and the FBI isn’t one Neal Caffrey will be taking lightly. So much so that the tenth episode of the season entitled “Countdown” will have Mozie confronting Neal with an ultimatum of sorts that goes a little something like so, “I’ve been patient. Some might eve say door-mattish with understanding, but now you have to choose, Neal. Do you want to leave or not.”

Any word on how TERRA NOVA is shaping up? For such a huge gamble on behalf of Fox, we’ve heard surprisingly little. — Nick
The TV Addict: Word, we’ve got tons of them. Unfortunately as a result of a gentlemen’s agreement we’ve made with our very good friends over at FOX — who curiously enough seem to be taking a page from the J.J. Abrams school of less-is-more when it comes to publicizing TERRA NOVA — we are not at liberty to share the glowing review our very own West Coast correspondent extraordinaire Tiffany Vogt sent us following her exclusive screening on the FOX lot.

Additional Reporting By Tiffany Vogt

  • Slightly spoilery for those who haven’t watched either Torchwood or Doctor Who, so avoid reading below.

    While I’m guessing it indeed is Jack who is the only person who can’t die, I can’t help but wonder how they could possibly figure that out. While it seems like a reasonable guess that his immortality got reversed and now he’s the only one who’s not, how would they know for sure?
    Also, Doctor Who made it seem like Jack Harkness lives on for very, very long. We’ve seen what was hinted as being him quite a few times on Who in the first few seasons, so I’m not sure any life threatening situations involving him will be taken that seriously by watchers of that show. Jack was called the Face of Boe, and even if there were other Faces of Boe after Jack, what’s the likelihood that they also got to live millions of years?

  • So silly cbs. Castle is just not the Romance. It is the great and charismatic Nathan Fillion. All woman love him, that is why the show wins each week in all woman demo. Alex O. is not able to do that.

  • White Collar continues to amaze me more and more. Last Tuesday’s episode [When There’s A Will] was so much fun to watch. Based on previous seasons, I’m sure episode ten will have a big cliffhanger: Neal finally making a decision maybe?

  • Giana

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with Emily Garner.  All women do NOT love Nathan Fillion.  Sorry, but my friends and I just don’t get his appeal where as Alex O oozes sexuality and charisma.  H50 so far just hasn’t let his be his flirtatious self.  I say bring on a full time hottie for him to play with.  We’re just hoping the casting people make better decisions than they did with Taryn or Larisa.  Both of them are so out of place in that stunning cast.

  • Nadine

    And all women do NOT love either to be honest but I have to agree with Emily.  This seems a bit like jumping the shark already for a show that’s in the second season.  It’s a procedural first quite CSI-like so they’re going to have to be careful on how it’s handled.  It reeks of copycat and seems pretty low of CBS to pull something like that.  This isn’t supposed to be a show about flirtations.  They’ll end up turning off the male population with too much soap opera stuff

  • Jen

    I’m an H5-0 AND a Castle fan (yes, it is possible to be both), and there’s room in my heart for both Nathan AND Alex O. 

    That being said, I think this is a HUGE mistake on the H5-0 writers’/producers’ part.  I don’t watch H5-0 for the romance – I watch shows like Castle and Bones for that.  I watch H5-0 for the scenery, the procedural and the interaction between the team.  There’s sooooo many more interesting storylines that can be conjured for H5-0 that I see a romantic angle for McGarrett as a total cop-out and flagrant groveling for viewers.

  • Chris

    To say I am extremely disappointed this tactic (introducing the love interest for Steve McGarrett on H5-0), is being used to
    boost ratings (or at all), would be an understatement. They should stick
    to what has made the show a success so far, and that is the Steve and
    Danny “bromance” and the team spirit and comradery.
    Please. We don’t all want “Castle.”


  • I don’t watch Castle, not interested.  I watch H5-0 for the interactions between Steve/Danny and all of the team together.  I don’t mind that Steve had a girlfriend in Catherine, though the actress was hired for another show.  If they want to add an interesting character, they can keep Jenna.  She has grown on me.  If I want romance, I will watch a show that is billed as a romance.

  • brent

    well, the bromance is dead if Danno is going to be a ball and chain with Rachel again. so, they have to give Stevo someone to hang with.

  • h50fan

    I think it is ok that Steve will have an on again/off again romance. I think a lot of H50 female fans have said for a while they would like to see Steve and Danny both get a chance to ‘date’.  Was hoping they would pursue that for both of them in season 2.  Now that Danny will be a family man, I guess the producers thought they should pursue this route for McGarrett instead.

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed to hear the plan for H50.  I love the action and team-centric camaraderie, especially the carguments and the bromance.  If I wanted to watch romance, I would watch Castle.  I don’t want the show turned into a soap or losing the team by paring them off with love interests.  Why change what makes the show unique?  I’m tired of the procedurals and the UST to lovers of Castle and Bones.  Not what I’m interested in; another reason that H50 is special.  I don’t need a female McGarrett, I want Steve.  Why not recast the Catherine role, so they can have the occasional booty call for the desired demographic?  Seems to be pandering for ratings by changing what works.  I agree with Chris, I don’t want Castle – I want H50!

  • Tammy

    My additional problem with this is this is a show that had some VERY weak procedural storylines last season and some bad acting.  Work on those first.  Bring the other characters to life that are there already before doing something that seems pretty stupid to me

  • Eva

    Ugh, please no romance on Hawaii 5-0.  If people want to watch Castle, they’ll watch Castle.  Romance will kill that show.  I don’t watch Hawaii 5-0 for the romance and neither does anybody else.  Don’t mess with a good thing, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • KC

    Re: H50 — Ya know… if I wanted to watch Castle, I’d watch freakin’ Castle!  I don’t need Castle 5-0!  Idiot PTB!  ‘Let’s fix something that’s not broken.’  Adding too many new people and not utilizing the four they have (specifically Daniel and Grace — Chin Ho and Kono respectively).

  • Willow58

    RE-Hawaii 5-0   I don’t watch the show for romance.  I like to see the interaction of the team, not of their ex-spouses.  Flirtation with Kono and Charlie I like,  Jenna?  NO  She leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  We don’t need a romance for Steve.  Or Danny having affairs with his ex and babies.

  • Vin

    Yeah, I really wouldn’t enjoy Hawaii 5-0 as much if they added a ‘female McGarrett’. If I wanted to watch something similar to Castle, I would just watch Castle. I liked Hawaii 5-0 for what it was–the small group of them bantering and solving things… Not romance. I guess all the shows on television now have to be exactly the same in order to make people happy… Ugh. Terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, really? Have you looked at any of the online message boards or websites for Hawaii Five-0. There are a lot of women, me included, who would totally disagree with you about Alex O’Loughlin.