In Defense of THE KILLING

If we’ve learned anything from television over the course of the past few seasons — well, aside from the unfortunate fact that shows we fall in love with have a 78.5% chance of being immediately canceled by a network (94.7% if they are on the CW) — it’s that there are no guarantees.

And while we of course respect the right of anyone to tweet, tumble or text their opinion with regards to what did — or in the case of last night’s surprising closure-free season finale of THE KILLING — did not happen, we simply do not get where this outright hate and vitriol for the methodically paced character drama is coming from. After-all, it has only been 13 episodes! A number which for those of you who are playing along at home is a far cry from the countless hours many of us put into the likes of THE EVENT, FLASHFORWARD, LIFE ON MARS, V, and the mother of all mysteries that was LOST.

What’s more, unlike other showrunners that may-or-may-not be guilty of stretching their show’s central mystery perilously close to its best before date, THE KILLING creator Veena Sud has already gone on record by stating that the second season will in fact solve the mystery of who killed Rosie Larsen. Which for someone who is no closer to discovering the identity of the titular mother on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER after six (going on seven!) seasons of patiently waiting sure sounds good to us. We’re just sayin’

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  • The online hate has been astounding. I for one didn’t like it in the beginning slowly grew to appreciate it more each episode. The whole time I thought that if they didn’t resolve the case by the finale I would get mad. But somehow this finale was pretty good despite the non-resolution. Not disappointed at all. I like how they made the viewers slowly like and trust Holder, just like Linden did, and then they throw that cliffhanger at us. Maybe watching too many shows with unresolved finales has made me immune to them, so I can enjoy shows as they are, just stories told in many parts. Voldemort was not killed in the first book, so I think I can wait until season 2 to see this case pan out.

  • If a show I like is on FOX, however, it has a 95.2% chance of getting canceled.

  • If a show I like is on FOX, however, it has a 95.2% chance of getting canceled.

  • Anonymous

    That “Fox cancels good shows” theory is ridiculous. It cancels low rated shows, just like any other network. But unlike any other network, it actually gets a few good ones on the air in the first place.

    Not that The Killing was a good show.

  • True, and that applies for every network. But for the purpose of the comment, I chose Fox because it is widely accepted as the poster child for networks that kills shows people like, even though it has great shows like Fringe and House. It could be because the Arrested Development and Firefly fans just have a huge internet presence, and that makes Fox seem like the bad guys.

  • Ace

    I really don’t know that I’ll watch this show when it comes back.  The show started so great, but they got lost in way too many obvious red herrings and I agree that they should have given us an answer to their own promotions of “Who Killed Rosie Larson?”  I might check back in next season to see if the writing goes back to the quality it was the first few episodes (and the episode that was just Linden and Holder).

  • Yes, The Killing was supposed to be something different, and it turned out not to be. Last episode is a total let down, because they made the cliffhangers just for the sake of having them, after a full season of red herrings making detectives look just plain stupid. Lacking the true character development and bad writing for some of the crucial parts, The Killing didn’t delivered what was expected from it.

  • Frost

    Lost me as a viewer.  After watching the entire season, I expect a conclusion at the end, with perhaps the start of a new season.  Very disappointed!!!

  • I thought the season finale was great. I didn’t want everything wrapped in a pretty bow by the end. I liked all of the twists, turns and false leads. It made it feel more realistic to me. And I thought the twist at the very end with Holder was a welcome surprise!

    When I finished watching the season finale, I had almost wondered if everyone who was so irate over it had in fact watched the same thing I had. I will definitely tune in for a second season, and hope they don’t change the feel and pacing.