THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Scoop! Nina Dobrev Teases the Season of “Delena”

Despite Executive Producer Julie Plec’s recent assertion that the highly-anticipated third season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will be “the Season of the Originals,” star Nina Dobrev has other ideas. One in particular that might not quite be music to fans — of a certain couples — ears.

“Unbeknownst to Elena, Stefan went to the dark side to save her and everyone for the greater good but she did kind of get in bed with him [Damon] before she even knew that,” admitted Dobrev when asked during Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards if Stefan going all ripper during last May’s shocking second season finale might send Elena into Damon’s arms come season 3. “She got in bed with Damon and he was sweaty and gross so it’s going to be interesting to see what she thought was a goodbye kiss… turn into a hello kiss.”

Oh, and on the off chance that’s not enough to get you counting down to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES September 15th premiere, Dobrev promises that season three will be the show’s most exciting one to date

“What’s going to happen next is going to be a whole 22 episode bloody mess that’s going to ensue… poor girl.”

(With Reporting by: Melissa Girmonte)

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  • Anonymous

    Season 3 can not get here fast enough for me, Ripper Stefan is going to be so much fun, just don’t turn Damon into old Stefan.  I want more of Damon and Ric together also, they are awesome with some of the best lines in the show.

  • Julia

    I could not care less about the kiss, whatever.  For me it’s all about ripper Stefan!!!  Finally Paul gets a story line of his own! 

  • Rosy

    I can’t hardly wait to find out whats going to happen in Season 3.

  • Stefan deserves someone better and more loyal than Elena anyway.  

  • night magic

    Its fantastic that they are finally going to do some Delena scenes .That sort of chemistry cant be ignored!!! its sizzling!!!