DEGRASSI Scoop! Munro Chambers Dishes on the Future of “Eclare”

Has the relationship between Eli and Clair past its best before date? Is, as the internet has so affectionally dubbed them, “Eclare” fini? That sure is the distinct impression Munro Chambers, the talented young actor responsible for transforming relative newcomer Eli Goldsworthy into a DEGRASSI fan favorite left with us during Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what Chambers had to say to’s special correspondent Melissa Girimonte about the upcoming eleventh season, his character’s relationship status on Facebook, as well as what former cast member he looked towards for inspiration, after the jump.

How similar would you say to you are to your DEGRASSi character eli Goldsmith?
Munro Chambers: Not that much! I wear all black like Eli sometimes, but Eli’s really dark. I would say that the one thing that is similar to us is our protectiveness of the people we care about. Of course, Eli tends to be a little too overprotective. But other than that we’re very separate, which is what’s fun about playing these kind of roles that are completely different. You really get to challenge yourself as an actor.

What can you tease about the start of Season 11?
We did a special for season 11 that’s coming out July 18, that’s what’s opening up our season which is really exciting. We have an amazing guest star in the movie, Keke Palmer [TRUE JACKSON VP], she’s fantastic in it and it really sets the tone for the entire season. It’s really intense. People who have seen it have equated it to HBO, it just really goes far. Which is what DEGRASSI does, try to go as far as they can for kids.

If Eli were to update his relationship status on Facebook with regards to Clare this season, what would it say?
I’m going to go with “It’s Complicated.”

Will fans be happy with the direction Eli and Clare take this season?
I don’t know! We’ve got some new characters coming this season who get in between… um… people. I don’t know. If you love “Eclare” you’re going to be on a tightrope and won’t know what’s going to happen, but I think it’s going to be interesting.

As someone familiar with DEGRASSI’s history, which former DEGRASSI cast member might you equate Eli’s journey with this season?
Anything with Jake Epstein, that man is just so incredible. His talent is out of this world, just extraordinary. What he did with that character was just amazing and I really look towards — with my character when he’s going through his mental stuff — you may see some similarities this season.

The new season of DEGRASSI kicks of July 18th at 9PM on TeenNick (MuchMusic in Canada)

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