THE BIG BANG THEORY Scoop: Johnny Galecki Teases the Future of Leonard and Penny

Think you were floored by May’s shocking BIG BANG THEORY season finale that saw Penny do the walk of shame following a night of alcohol-fueled passion with Raj? Well, imagine for a moment how actor Johnny Galecki felt, who as Leonard Hofstadter has spent the better part of four seasons pining both after and over the delightful Penny.

“I took that personally when I read that,” explained Galecki who was on hand in Toronto over the weekend for the MuchMusic Video Awards. “Kaley [Cuoco] and I actually shared a call and was like ‘What’s Happening’?”

What’s happening indeed. And while fans will have to wait until THE BIG BANG THEORY’s September return to find out whether or not Raj and Penny’s one night stand will ever amount to anything more than just that, Galecki was only to happy to share his theory as to what will happen next.

“I can’t imagine that their relationship will go very far,” Galecki said, “What’s more, I think that it might be one of the steps that bring Penny and Leonard closer together. After-all, they didn’t break up because anyone messed up. They broke up because of Penny’s own incapabilities in love and discomfort with what she was feeling.”

And while the question of course remains as to whether or not Leonard — who according to TVLine will kick off the fifth season experimenting with a long distance relationship with Priya (Aarti Mann) — be open to as Galecki put it, “the possibility of having his heart shattered again [by Penny]” of this he was sure, “I can’t imagine he’ll be speaking to Raj when we come back for a fifth season.”

(Reporting By Melissa Girimonte)

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